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Earthmover Tyres: Continental Radial Tyre Portfolio Available

  • EM-Master in sizes 23.5R25 and 26.5R25 added to construction and mining portfolio
  • Three tyre lines in 13 sizes for use on wheel loaders and dump trucks

Continental is introducing two additional EM-Master E4/L4 radial tyre sizes to the market. The EM-Master is part of the ContiEarth portfolio, which was developed specifically for the construction sector.

The tyre is ideally suited for articulated dump trucks (ADT), loaders and dozers and is available in two versions, the EM-Master E3 and L3: both with a normal tread depth and wide spacing between the blocks. This makes it the best tyre on soft ground. In comparison to the E3/L3, the EM-Master E4/L4 is ideally suited for hard and stony ground thanks to a greater block size, less spacing between the blocks and a deeper tread depth.

The RDT-Master is also part of the ContiEarth series and was developed for rigid dump trucks (RDT). Thanks to its special deep tread design, the tyre offers high resilience, cut resistance and self-cleaning properties. 

The DumperMaster rounds out the radial tyre product range. The tyre has an all-steel radial carcass which ensures high load capacity with low heat build-up. This makes it ideally suited for transporting ore onto the conveyor belt or directly from mines to the surface on dump trucks. In addition, the tyre is well-suited for tunnel construction.

Christian Luther, Product Line Manager at Continental Commercial Specialty Tires, said: “With this latest release, our range of radial tyres for use on wheel loaders and dump trucks, in particular for construction work and mining, is now complete

“We are now looking forward to the future, collaborating with our customers to further expand our portfolio to meet their needs and requirements.”

Sizes available:



  • 18.00R33
  • 21.00R33
  • 24.00R33

EM-Master E3/L3:

  • 20.5R25
  • 23.5.R25
  • 26.5R25

EM-Master E4/L4:

  • 23.5.R25 
  • 26.5R25
  • 29.5R25


  • 26.5R25
  • 29.5R25
  • 35/65R33
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