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Tyre solutions for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries


In challenging applications such as the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry Continental industrial tyres are ideal for the strict demands... 

Our tyres are manufactured without nitrosamine and polycyclic hydrocarbons, so there is very little risk of tyre wear particle contamination. The anti-static properties prevent the risk of explosion in vulnerable environments.

In Europe, the chemical industry is controlled by the ATEX directive put in place to manage explosive atmospheres and set standards for equipment and protective systems used within them. This directive helps prevent the risk of accidents caused by products used by these industries such as flammable gases or petrol. It is for this reason that, in order to prevent explosions, operating machines have to be fitted with special tyres which safely conduct static electricity to the floor and eliminate the risk of sparks being created between the tyre and the floor. Moreover our non-marking tyres offer up to 50 percent less rolling resistant than the competition. You can have the best of both worlds - a clean tyre that consumes less energy, when you choose Continental industrial tyres.

SC20 Energy+ and SH12 standard compound

Due to the tyre’s natural rubber compound the SC20 Energy+ and SH12 offers exceptionally low rolling resistance and low heat build up. This results in extended tyre life and reduced cost per hour (more hours in between tyre changes, less downtime and lower fuel consumption).

SC20 and SH12 clean compound

Continental’s clean compound offers non-marking performance in warehouse operations. The tyre is reinforced with silicates rather than carbon black and will not leave black marks on the floor. The SC20 Clean and SH12 clean compound also offers low rolling resistance and low heat build up.

SC20 Antistatic Compound

SC20 Antistatic compound: The standard compound (black) offers a resistance of derivation lower than 10 computing power 6 ohms. In areas within the application where explosive substances are in use, this product is strongly recommended.