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Heart & Soil

Being a farmer is more than a job. It is a lifelong mission - to do everything possible for the best harvest achievable. The basis for success is the soil, and - just as important - a total dedication to it. You have to work with heart and soil. 

We create a link between the passion, the farmer's hands-on mentality and his field of competence. No one is in touch with his soil as much as he is - he not only knows what is necessary and appropriate, he feels it.

Our tyres embody the competence and full dedication of a working man's life. With Heart and Soil applies both sides, the farmer and Continental. Continental is the teammate who knows the farmer's demands and requirements and meets his needs - on common ground.

Soil provides nurture and nourishment, changing with the weather and the seasons. 

Farming with Heart & Soil

Soil, the very earth beneath our feet, is the stage on which the great circle of life plays out. It provides nurture and nourishment, changing with the weather and the seasons. This virtuous circle repeats itself year upon year, round and round again.

No-one understands this better than the farmer. Without their passion, no fields would be plowed, no seeds sown, no harvests brought in. Come rain or shine, snowy winters or clement springs, the farmer can be relied on to get the best out of the soil. Overcoming nature one day, at one with it on the next day, the farmer is agriculture’s driving force, doing whatever it takes to get the harvest from soil to silo.

At Continental, we’re cut from the same cloth. Like the farmer, we take pride in respecting the laws of nature, and our determination to overcome them. Our partnership with the farmer begins with a passion for soil, because our tyres touch the ground for longer than anything else on the farm. Taking the time to talk to farmers, we understand not only the soil, but the people who work with it.

Our dedicated engineers channel many years of experience into the tyres that are always by your side – through muddy fields, in the driving rain, and down rocky lanes in the baking sun.

They are fully committed to developing new tyres that are more durable, more efficient, less damaging to crops, and provide you a more comfortable ride. Just as the farmer is at one with nature, we are at one with the farmer. Keeping the wheels turning: efficiently, dependably, comfortably – with Heart & Soil.


Continental's new production plant in Lousado, Portugal

Lousado – fertile soil for innovation to grow

Innovation is the soil in which our cutting-edge solutions grow, which is why we’ve plowed a huge investment into our new production plant in Lousado, Portugal.

And this plant is growing: with a home for our state-of-the-art technology, our new product range is already blooming so we can serve farmers even better. 

Which brings us onto our new tyres: the Standard Range Tractor70 and the Tractor85 tyres, and our Advanced Range TractorMaster and CombineMaster.

Continental Agricultural Tyres - Movie

Agricultural Tyres and Technology

Patent-pending N.flex© technology

Every farmer has something that makes them special. With their patent-pending N.flex technology, Continental tyres are unique, too. 

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Maximum traction, minimum soil compaction

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The all-rounder that fits every job

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Continental TractorMaster 600/65R38

The DLG Test winner in the premium class. The tyre performs strongly in traction, fuel consumption and ground coverage.

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Hexa bead maximises traction and ensures a comfortable ride

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