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Reduce your downtime with a FREE Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit

Our ContiPressureCheck™ Offer

10 Years Warranty

Reduce your downtime with a FREE Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit

FREE Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit (worth £500) when you purchase two CombineMaster tyres

From 1st May until 31st July 2021

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How it works?


A sensor is mounted onto the inner of the tyre, where it measures pressure and temperature. Data is passed to the in-cab unit for the driver to have real time data on tyre performance.

By constantly monitoring your tyre pressure you will improve fuel consumption and more crucially minimise downtime. With a flexible tyre monitoring system, pressures can be adapted to an individual application and load conditions so savings are optimised for each task.

Plus, digital monitoring means manual tyre presure checking is not required and tyre failures that could have caused issues are spotted early, meaning problems are averted. 

Your benefits

Benefits of Tyre Pressure Monitoring

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