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Why Continental

Leading the way in safety

Tested for your Safety

Tested for your safety since 1871

Before every new Continental innovation goes into production, they undergo an intensive tyre test. Using trusted and all-new test methods, we can guarantee suitability, efficiency, performance and -- most importantly -- safety for you and other road users.

There are no limits to the tyre testing at our test sites in the United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain and, last but not least, our legendary Contidrom track at our HQ in Hanover, Germany. This same facility is also regularly used by independent car and tyre safety experts.

Each of our brand’s tyres – whether winter tyres, summer tyres, all-season tyres, or those used on cars and other vehicles in sport and off-road activities – are tested by our experts in a wide range of weather conditions and on all surfaces. For example, tyre tests are performed on wet roads posing a potential risk if the tyre pressure, grip or tread of the tyre are not up to the high standard required. Similarly, winter tyres are put through specific winter tyre tests for conditions like snow and ice.

For these tyre safety tests and other tyre reviews, our experts use the latest advanced technologies and follow industry-leading quality processes.

New innovations undergoing tyre test

Continental has recently unveiled two new innovations in tyre technology to further enhance tyre safety, ContiSense and ContiAdapt.

ContiSense uses tyre sensors to measure tread depth and temperature. It alerts drivers to tyre damage through data received from the electrically conductive rubber. ContiAdapt adjusts tyre pressure and rim width to adapt the contact patch according to road conditions. Both of these technologies will go through our intensive testing process before they reach you, so we can ensure that you'll receive the safest tyres we can provide.

In this way, we can promise to supply you with only the safest, most comfortable, and reliable mobility solutions for your vehicle.

Our tyre testing in numbers:

  • 140,000 tyres are put through a rigorous tyre test each year. The tyres are tested over a total of 200 million kilometres.
  • Our professional test drivers perform over 67,000 tests and checks before a new tyre is approved.
  • By the time a new innovation is approved, it will have circled the world 500 times in distance before it's commercially available for your car.
Tested for your Safety
Tested for your Safety

The AIBA: the first fully automated tyre testing system from Continental

With Continental’s AIBA (Automated Indoor Braking Analyser), we've taken tyre testing to a new level. Through a fully automated process in the Contidrom hall, an unmanned test vehicle accelerates up to speeds of 75 mph (120 km/h) and then brakes on interchangeable, hydraulically powered road surfaces. Tests can be conducted all year round on wet and dry road surfaces and in a separate ice lane to check the performance of winter tyres or all-season tyres.

While the tests are conducted irrespective of weather conditions, Continental is able to offer the world’s most accurate brake-testing procedure and to improve technology reproducibility by 70 per cent. With this additional technology at our testing facility, you can be assured that our tyres offer excellent braking performance regardless of the weather conditions you are driving in.

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