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Independent tyre tests

Approved around the world.

Every one of our premium tyres – ranging from winter tyres, summer tyres to all-season tyres, as well as those used in sport events such as the Continental Grand Prix – are put through rigorous testing.

Attributes such as grip, traction, tread and rolling resistance for all tyre types and wheel sizes are observed during a tyre test, and potential risks such as aquaplaning are carefully considered for driver safety. The result is top reviews and ratings for our tyres.

Our multi-award-winning tyres are regularly and thoroughly tested by independent experts and journalists around the world. In comparison to the rest of the market, our products have received the highest number of recommendations with around 80 per cent of all tyre reviews carried out since 2007. And we strive to maintain this exceptional reputation as a brand you can trust.

But don't take our word for it. Below is a selection of independent tyre test results and tyre reviews.

PremiumContact 6 takes top spot in 225/45 R17 tyre test

Continental leads the tyre test pack for 2018, as the PremiumContact 6 reigned supreme in this year’s summer tyre test from the UK's no.1 weekly selling car magazine, Auto Express. The PremiumContact 6’s test win sees Continental’s continuing trend of summer test success, following on from 2017 with the ContiPremiumContact 5.

For years the Auto Express summer tyre test has been the benchmark for performance, celebrating the best of the best in the sector. The awards continue to highlight exceptional performance, quality, safety, desirability and value. They are seen within the motoring industry as a stamp of approval that offers drivers confidence when looking for their next summer tyre purchase.

The Auto Express Summer tyre test pitted the Continental PremiumContact 6 against nine competitor summer tyres in size 225/45 R17. The award recognises the excellent performance of PremiumContact 6 across a broad spectrum, taking top spot for dry handling, wet handling and wet cornering.

Auto Express said, “The PremiumContact 6 was the best tyre to drive in both wet and dry, there was a liveliness to its handling that no rival could match and few could get close to. In the wet, the PremiumContact 6 was in a league of its own, the sharpness was there on the wet track with a strong front end pulling you through turns - where rivals just pushed wide.

The tyres’ consistent performance across a range of testing led towards another fantastic win for Continental and the PremiumContact range.”

Double win in Auto Express tyre awards 2017

Continental scooped top spots in the Auto Express tyre awards 2017 for both its summer and winter products. The Continental ContiPremiumContact 5, and the WinterContact TS 860, both successfully took first place.

For years the Auto Express summer and winter tyre tests have been the benchmark for performance, celebrating the best of the best in the tyre market. The awards continue to highlight exceptional performance, quality, safety, desirability and value. They are seen within the motoring industry as a stamp of approval that offers car enthusiasts confidence when looking for their next tyre purchase.

The sensational summer performance of the ContiPremiumContact 5 builds upon previous test success in 2017, winning the Auto Express ultimate tyre test 2017.

Speaking about the winning performance, Auto Express said: “The PremiumContact 5 continues to lead the field in summer tyres, delivering high quality performance across multiple testing disciplines. With sharp handling in wet and dry, the PremiumContact 5 continues to be a hard act to follow.”

As the temperatures drop and winter sets in, Auto Express also recognised the WinterContact TS 860 as the market leading tyre in its field. Proving itself as a benchmark winter tyre, the TS 860 continues to trail blaze the winter tyre market building upon its Auto Express 2017 winter tyre test win.

These winter tyre advances are made possible by combining a new tread compound with a newly developed tread design. The Cool Chili compound has a high proportion of silica that reduces braking distances on wet roads due to its special damping characteristics. Also new are special high-performance resins that maintain the flexibility of the compound even at low winter temperatures, leading to shorter braking distances in winter weather.

Auto Express commented further on the TS 860: “Continental’s winter tyre, the TS 860, is the number one of its kind. With confident driving in twists and turns, and great braking, Continental continues to deliver high performance winter tyres. For winter conditions here in the UK, this is the tyre to have – not many competitors can really compete.”

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Auto Express - Rating "Test Winner"

Auto Express (UK) published their Annual Winter Tyre Test 2014/2015. The test size was 205/55 R16.

The test was conducted by Auto Express in cooperation with Nokian in Ivalo, Finland and Continental in Hannover, Germany.

This is the third year in a row Continental have won the winter tyre test by Auto Express.

Rating for the ContiWinterContactTM TS 850: Test Winner

About our ContiWinterContactTM TS 850:
+ 1st in Wet Braking

"Continental showed it still has the edge on braking."

"Good all-round performance with few compromises make this a winter tyre winner."

Continental wins Professional Driver tyre test

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 leads chauffeur focused tyre test 2016 The Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 has won a coveted award from the UK's leading private car hire and chauffeur magazine, Professional Driver, winning the 2016 tyre test.

On the winning performance of the ContiPremiumContact 5 Professional Driver said; “The ContiPremiumContact 5 is a pretty special tyre and was launched with two tyre test successes to its credit. Our focused test played to its strengths in wet grip and fuel economy plus we found it easily the most comfortable.”

The Professional Driver tyre test accolade celebrates the best of the best in the private hire and chauffeur market, revealing the most inspirational products for the discerning needs of drivers in this segment. The tests highlight exceptional performance, quality, safety, and comfort, offering professional drivers confidence when looking for their next product purchase.

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