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Why choose Continental Tyres

Why Continental

Best in braking

Continental is the premium tyre brand you can trust

Perfect braking performance

Continental understands the roads of the world -- and how a car tyre should brake safely on them. Continental Tyres are a premium brand that delivers reponsive braking in all weather conditions, whether you're a driver who needs a summer tyre for dry tarmac or a set of winter tyres for grip in colder conditions.


Every day, Continental applies passion and knowledge to developing innovations that advance driving safety and performance. All Continental tyres are put through their paces at our world-leading braking test facility -- in dry, wet and freezing conditions -- so we know how to keep you safe. And with every new product, Continental sets even higher standards in handling, grip and security. We blaze the trail where other tyre manufacturers meekly follow.

To each of our latest designs, Continental leverages the experience gained from our specialist research. Our high performance tyres, for example, provide us with groundbreaking insights into how to develop a safer experience for the everyday driver. The technologies used in the Conti.eContact will help a regular, non-hybrid car to be more efficient in the future. And the ContiSeal principle enables our tyres to be unstoppable on the road, even if they have a small puncture.

With our expertise in technology to enhance the driving experience, we consider ourselves to be the very best in braking. Continental never stops innovating so that when braking counts, you can most definitely count on us.

Conti.eContact ready to roll for hybrid cars

  • Reduced rolling resistance, excellent handling and safety thanks to the Green Chilli compound
  • Improved braking performance in the wet due to HydroSipes
  • Reduced wind and rolling resistance given by AeroFlex
  • A selection of our eContact range come equipped with ContiSilent technology -- developed to reduce interior noise

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Sealing punctures with ContiSeal technology

  • ContiSeal reduces tyre tread damage: punctures up to 5 mm in diameter (such as nail damage) are sealed immediately from inside the tyre thanks to our unique technology
  • Continued mobility and unaltered mileage – no need for an immediate stop or roadside tyre change
  • Driving performance identical to that of a tyre of usual condition without ContiSeal

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Understanding the difference between summer and winter tyres

Any time the temperature dips below +7 degrees centigrade, you’re definitely better off with winter tyres. This is because -- unlike an everyday summer tyre -- winter tyres do not harden at lower temperatures. They will provide a much better grip on the road and the ability to stop in a shorter distance, increasing your safety while driving.

A vehicle fitted with winter tyres will come to standstill on a snow-covered road (from a speed of just 30mph) after 35 metres. With a car equipped with an everyday or summer tyre, the braking distance required is a further 8 metres (43 metres). That equates to another two car lengths, a significant difference in performance.

Continental produces winter tyres in 200 sizes and is the leading supplier of winter tyres in Europe.


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