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Why choose Continental Tyres

Why Continental

OE Keys for original equipment tyres

Continental has an extensive range of Original Equipment (OE) tyres. The presence of an OE key on the sidewall indicates which brand and vehicle model the OE tyres have been made for.

If you see one of these codes on your tyre, then it's definitely an Original Equipment tyre. It indicates that it's been developed in close collaboration between the tyre manufacturer and the car manufacturer, and it's passed a rigorous testing process.

Moreover, when the time comes to replace the tyres on your car -- whether it's an Audi or a Porsche or a Land Rover -- it is strongly recommended that you replace them with the exact same OE tyres that came with your vehicle. This is why knowing the OE key can be useful.

By continuing to use OE tyres, you can have peace of mind knowing that the OE will continue to bring out the best characteristics in your car, and they're the safest option available. Plus, it's good to know that they were specially designed for your car, so there's absolutely no chance of performance degradation with original equipment.

Not every new car that leaves the factory is fitted with Original Equipment tyres. But even if no marking is visible, there's no need for alarm. You can be rest assured that the tyre has been specially manufactured for that specific car brand.

SportContact 6 with A0 Marking

Example of an OE tyre for Audi.



A0, A01

Audi quattro

RO1, RO2, R03



BMW / Mercedes


BMW / Mercedes Runflat




Land Rover






Mercedes-Benz Runflat



NO, N1, N2



Facts and figures about Original Equipment

Facts and figures about Original Equipment

Facts and figures infographic about original equipment tyres.

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