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Original equipment

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Original Equipment

Continental understands that the safety, comfort and performance of a vehicle is paramount to any driving experience. After all, the tyres that are fitted onto your car play a crucial role in how it handles on the road. If you want to secure the best driving experience, without compromising safety or quality, get on the road with Continental Original Equipment tyres.

What are Original Equipment (OE) tyres?

In very basic terms, Original Equipment tyres -- also known simply as OE -- are the automotive version of a bespoke suit: purpose-built fittings that capitalise on, and maximise, your vehicle’s capabilities and performance.

Since cars are not created equal – they come in different sizes, makes and models, and serve different purposes – they also have specific tyre needs. SUVs, for example, need tyres with optimal wet and dry performance, while luxury cars are best fitted with tyres that are smoother and quieter on the road. Other considerations, such as vehicle size, fuel consumption and safety, also enter into the design and fitment equation.

In order to capture the full scope of variables, and deliver the best overall experience, tyre and vehicle manufacturers collaborate to create the perfect tyre for each vehicle model. The result is Original Equipment (OE): purpose-built tyres that are fitted onto each new vehicle before it leaves the factory. In this way, vehicle manufacturers can be certain that all of their new cars have the right tyres for various road conditions and can accelerate, brake and corner to the best of their abilities.

Can you get Continental OE tyres for a used car?

The name, Original Equipment, can be a little misleading because OE tyres are not limited to new vehicles. They can also be purchased as replacement tyres for when your car needs new wheels. If you're happy with the way your OE performed on your vehicle, you can get the same fitment again. If, however, you bought a used car that didn't come equipped with OE, you can get Continental Original Equipment tyres fitted and ensure that you have the right tyre for your vehicle model.

Why invest in Continental OE tyres?

With other brands out there, why select Continental? The simple answer is: quality. Not only are Continental OE tyres specifically designed to maximise the potential of your vehicle, they also conform to the highest safety and quality standards. Our engineers put OE tyres through more than 100 rigorous tests – in addition to numerous initial safety tests – to assess everything from maximum speed to handling, comfort, noise level, mileage and even how your vehicle brakes in wet and dry conditions.

This is one of the reasons why Continental is among the leading original equipment suppliers for car manufacturers around the globe. In fact, around one in three cars manufactured in Europe leave the factory fitted with Continental tyres, making us Europe's first choice among all tyre producers.

If leading car manufacturers trust Continental, so can you.    

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Original Equipment

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