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We care about fleets

We care about fleets

Time is always a problem for every fleet manager, there’s never enough of it. From optimising fleet costs, reviewing new technologies and innovations to vehicle and driver safety. No wonder, smart fleet managers are on the lookout for products, services and partners who can take away problems.

Tyres are rarely at the top of an inbox, until there’s a problem. Tyre issues take time (and budget) to rectify and can result in missed deadlines and unhappy customers. So the intelligent choice is to partner with a premium partner. One who cares.

So how do you choose a tyre partner?

Tyres are often thought of as just black and round, but dig a little deeper and there is a gulf between the products themselves and the quality of service that backs them up. The best place to start is to trust the independent experts:

Vehicle manufacturers

Every manufacturer ensures their vehicle is the best it can be. They test every component to its limits and tyres are no different. Typically vehicle manufacturers undertake more than 100 rigorous tyre tests, including resistance to aquaplaning, braking, handling, rolling resistance, noise levels and many other areas covering safety, comfort, cost and environmental impact. It can take over 3 years and thousands of miles before a tyre achieves the required excellence and is approved for OE fitment. Continental have over 800 OE approvals. Testament to the quality of every tyre that is fitted to a new vehicle.

Trade Press

The trade press don’t take manufacturers word for anything - they like to test things themselves. So tyres that win tests have proven their qualities during independent scrutiny. Some magazines have great reputations for their independence, and at the pinnacle of this is Auto Express magazine. Here, Continental achieved a record no other tyre manufacturer has come close to… winner of best, summer, winter, all season and overall product of the year in a single year and have just backed it up with another win in the latest summer tyres test carried out by TyreReviews for the PremiumContactTM 6. 

Watch how Continental won the TyreReviews ultimate tyre test.

Continental wins more tyre tests than any other manufacturer.

So, if the vehicle manufacturers and trade press trust Continental, so can you.

Take a look at how budget tyres perform when compared to premium tyres. You will see they are safer, wear more slowly and are more fuel efficient.


Premium vs Budget - The Ultimate Tyre Test

So how do we achieve such high standards?

Investment. In product development and testing. Continental invest hundreds of millions of pounds every year in creating leading outstanding tyres, an investment commitment that has lasted for decades.

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Research & development Facilities

All Continental tyres are tested at state of the art facilities. Contidrom is our world-class in-house track and test facility which includes the world’s first fully automated tyres-testing system, AIBA, where tests are conducted year-round on all types of surfaces.

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New Technologies

Starting with our first Original Equipment approval on the VW Passat CC almost 10 years ago, ContiSeal™ technology is now being used extensively across the VW range and has branched out to car makers such as Rolls Royce and Jaguar.  The technology can effectively seal punctures up to 5mm in diameter without the loss of any tyre pressure. Reducing punctures means less downtime and all the associated problems of costs and inconvenience of tyre replacement.


Available across a range of Continental tyres

With interior car noise becoming more and more a factor for today’s driver, our ContiSilent™ technology can help. Designed for specific cars, our technology can reduce interior cabin noise by almost a half compared to a standard tyre. Our technology can now be found in Teslas, Land Rovers, Mercedes and Audi to name a few.


Available across a range of Continental tyres


Rubber is a natural resource and Continental is focused on the global conservation of natural rubber and the development of rubber alternatives. From production techniques to award winning technical innovations like Taraxagum, Continental is committed to reducing and reusing waste to create a greener future. For more about our sustainability credentials take a look at this case study.


Dandelion Rubber video

We care about tyres, that care about vans... so you don't have to.

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