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Performance SUVs –

where power meets utility

SUVs for sportscar enthusiasts

A casual observer of automotive trends is more than likely to assume that speedy sports cars and powerful SUVs exist in two entirely different categories. Those in the know, however, are well aware that this clear distinction has long been blurred. Today’s luxury SUVs offer the speed and performance of a supercar, paired with the power and versatility of sport utility vehicles. From high-engine SUVs and sporty crossovers to tuned off-road vehicles, performance SUVs are a force to be reckoned with – and a trend that shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

The characteristic features of performance SUVs at a glance

Performance SUV vs. regular sports utility vehicle

What makes a performance SUV special

Here’s what sets a performance SUV apart from a regular sports utility vehicle:

  • More luxurious design and interior
  • More horsepower
  • Higher speed
  • Faster acceleration
  • Sporty and dynamic handling
  • Often tuned

The best performance SUVs for sportscar enthusiasts

A man parking a performance SUV in the city

A performance SUV looks as good in the city as it does off-road

Performance SUVs combine the best of two worlds – the sleek speediness and sporty handling of a sports car with the robust design and versatility of a sport utility vehicle. To realise their full potential, they need the high-performance tyres to match. Our Continental premium SUV tyres are top of the range products that live up to this task.

Safety is our top priority, no matter which car you drive. However, fast, heavy vehicles place the highest demands on tyres, so it is particularly important to fit them with top-of-the-range models designed for unique performance. Our high-performance tyres typically offer maximum levels of grip on dry tarmac and a high speed rating, meaning they are capable of performing at much higher top speeds than regular tyres. Our world class engineers and a dedicated team at our High-Performance Technology Center (HTPC) work hand in hand to continually develop new, innovative technologies and materials, such as the Black Chili compound, as well as new tread patterns. For example, asymmetric pattern designs, with an outer shoulder that is different from the inner shoulder, have a positive impact on handling and cornering and are typically found in high-performance tyres. Meanwhile, stiff centre bands provide fine steering precision and responsive feedback.

Since every third new car in Europe rolls off the manufacturing line with Continental Original Equipment tyres, there‘s a good chance your performance SUV’s Original Equipment tyres were manufactured by Continental. These are the tyres fitted when you buy a new car, also known as OE tyres. A lot of research and development goes into these tyres, to ensure they are the best fit for your car and enhance your driving performance in every way. If you aim to use the best fit for your car, you can simply replace them with the same tyre. You can check their availability with the help of an OE key in our Tyrefinder tool.

If you are driving a tuned SUV, we also have you covered. After all, the HTPC has long been successfully collaborating with some of the world’s best car tuners to develop ultra-high-performance (UHP) tyres for their high-performance cars, including SUVs. These tyres aren’t just large in size (UHP starts at 17 inches, Ultra-UHP at 19 inches), they can also handle the huge demands placed on them by increased power and speed.

Find out more about our ultra-high-performance tyres here.


SUVs are currently getting a lot of attention and the range is enormous.”

Michael Schneider, Head of Tuning, Continental

The most impressive performance SUVs hit the Contidrom


In fact, our high-performance tyre experts have become so enamoured with high-performance SUVs that they decided to dedicate an entire event to them. In 2019, the best tuning companies in the world came together with car enthusiasts and automotive journalists for a very special Conti Tuning Day, featuring only tuned SUVs. Michael Schneider, Continental’s Head of Tuning, explained why the team chose to invite performance SUVs to the Contidrom test track: “We don’t do this kind of theme very often, because sports cars are generally of more interest, but SUVs are currently getting a lot of attention and the range is enormous. Coverage of these cars is mainly focused on their off-road capabilities, but what is fascinating for Tuner Day participants is how fast an SUV can move on our course. The tuners really give us an impression of what they can do with SUVs.”
Read an in-depth report on the event here and see the performance SUVs in action below.    

What happens when tuned high-performance SUVs get together

UHP tyes for your performance SUV

Cutting-edge tyre technologies make the SportContact™ 6 a high-performance speed companion.

Performance SUV FAQ – you asked, we answer…

What Does SUV stand for?
A variety of SUVs lined up with Continental tires

Just as the name suggests, Sports Utility Vehicles offer a whole lot of cargo space for all your sporty and utilitarian needs.

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Do all SUVs have four-wheel drive?
Large SUV going off-road in nature

While most SUVs can go off-road, the same way four-wheel drives can, there may be some limitations.

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Can I take my SUV off-road?

Most SUVs certainly can go off-road. Just make sure you know the conditions and have the right tyres.

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Which SUV tyres are best suited to my vehicle?
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If you're looking for new SUV tyres, there are a number of things to consider to ensure safety and quality.

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What are the legal limits (speed, tread, age) for SUV tyres?

Depending on where you are in the world, you should heed several SUV tyre limits.

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When should I replace my SUV tyres?
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How do I find out the correct SUV tyre pressure?
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The right tyre pressure ensures optimal traction and grip on any terrain and gives you more mileage for your fuel. If you're unsure what the pressure of your SUV tyres should be, refer to your vehicle's manual.

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Find the perfect Continental tyres for your car

Different SUV types mean different SUV tyres

Given the huge variety of vehicle models, SUV tyres have to be selected to suit the specific car.