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ABT and Continental. For ABT, it has always been about horsepower

Originally founded back in 1896 as a farrier's shop, today the family company based in Kempten (Germany) and run by Hans-Jürgen Abt stands for high-performance vehicle customisation.  The company from the Allgäu region is a global leader in the tuning of Audi, VW, Seat, and Škoda vehicles. With many years of experience in elite motorsports, ABT offers the perfect blend of power and stability for long-lasting driving thrills. In the process, the company's top priority is to get the best out of every vehicle – whether optimising engine management systems and getting more power from the ABT Engine Control, or by adding body styling packages, sports wheels, and exhaust systems to give vehicles a more sporty and dynamic appearance.

ABT trophy cabinet

1. Challenges

Performance at the limit, with a constant eye on driving fun

ABT is one of the most successful motorsports teams in Germany. Numerous victories and championships underline the motorsports know-how gained by the company. This expertise enables ABT to deliver dynamic driving fun and has firmly established the company on Germany's roads. 

ABT Audi conversion

Sports cars of today are already reaching the limits of what is technically possible. ABT is all about optimisation and performance, as well as delivering sporty driving fun – one example being the ABT R8 5.2 FSI (with a power output of 600 HP), which brings power and poise to the road.

ABT Audi conversion

2. Performance

State-of-the-art technological progress

Both companies work closely together in the development and testing of tyres to ensure that they are best adapted to the requirements of the relevant vehicle characteristics.


The engineers and technicians at ABT and Continental constantly share their expertise so that they can jointly continue to perfect the tyre properties – be it braking on a wet surface, cornering characteristics, or precision and agility when operating close to their limits. For example, an ABT RS3 (470 HP) is capable of reaching its top speed of 285 km/h only with Conti SportContact 5P tyres.

ABT Audi conversion

3. Success

Successes in the past, visions for the future

Thanks to the shared efforts and continuous exchange of knowledge and information that has been in place between ABT and Continental for many years, the tyre characteristics for high-performance vehicles are constantly being refined and fine-tuned.

This cooperation has resulted in perfectly matched performance tyres for vehicles in all vehicle classes and for all applications.