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Tyres from Continental


Reason for this Voluntary Exchange Programme for Passenger Car Tyres

What tyre is affected by this voluntary exchange programme?

The affected size, product line and DOT serial number is as follows:

Brand: Continental
Product line: 
ContiEcoContact 5
Tyre sizes: 235/55 R 17 103 H XL
DOT serial numbers: CN 7AD72Y 4015 until 0221

Product line:

 DOT serial number
ContiEcoContact 5, size 235/55 R 17 103 H XL

CN 7AD72Y 4015 until 0221

The last four digits of the DOT serial number indicates the production period (week/year). Affected tyres will be replaced free of charge. No other tyre sizes, production periods or product lines are affected.

Here you can find photos of the sidewall lettering to verify if your tyres are affected.

Why are we conducting this voluntary exchange programme?

The exchange programme is being initiated proactively to avoid any potential risk to vehicle drivers and other road users. 

In rare cases, if the affected tyres are used over a longer or repeated period of time, with heavy loading or possible overloading, a sudden loss of air may occur. The active market monitoring of Continental has shown this only occurs with tyres fitted on a VW Caravelle or VW Multivan. Continental’s market monitoring has not identified comparable fault patterns with the respective tyres used on any other vehicle types.

These tyres have been fitted as original equipment on the vehicles concerned and also sold into the replacement business. The exchange campaign is free of charge for customers. Drivers who have these tyres fitted as original equipment on their vehicles will be informed directly by the vehicle manufacturer.

What should you do if you have tyres that are affected?

You should ensure that the tyres are exchanged as soon as possible. Please contact our customer service team

Safety Warning:

We strongly recommend that you check if your tyre is affected and if so ensure that the tyre is exchanged as soon as possible.

Further information can be found in the FAQ section !