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Winter tyre markings & laws

Winter tyre markings & winter laws in Europe

Winter markings

During the winter months ahead, we can expect to face icy temperatures and slippery road surfaces. Drivers need to make sure their tyres are up to the mark, especially in those European countries such as Germany, Austria and Finland where winter tyres are a legal requirement for driving in black ice, hard-packed snow and slush or in icy and frosty conditions. Of course, we can’t predict the weather, so it makes sense to be prepared by changing to winter tyres from October to Easter or when the temperature falls below 7 ºC.

Tyre markings


Did you ever notice the Alpine symbol and M+S icon on your tyre’s sidewall? Get to know them and check if your winter tyres’ tread depth is ready for the cold season.

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Winter tyre laws

Winter tire laws Europe

In some European countries snow chains may only be used where there’s sufficient snow, while in other countries you have no mandatories at all. Learn about every country’s legal requirements and be prepared for a safe winter drive through Europe.

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