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Repair of tyre punctures

Repair punctures

Feeling the loss of tyre pressure and having to pull to the roadside to inspect the tyre and tread, can ruin a nice drive. No one wants to puncture a tyre or damage the wheel, but sometimes these things happen whether we like it or not.

A puncture in one or more car tyres is not only annoying and inconvenient, but also impacts your safety. Drivers should never attempt to carry out puncture repairs with a store-bought puncture repair kit.

Only a trained tyre specialist, who can base an assessment on a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the puncture, wheel and tyre, can safely determine whether a puncture repair makes sense or if the puncture is so severe that the car needs to be removed from service and fitted with new tyres.

This assessment should also take into account the complete service life history of the car tyre, including tread, inflation, load, operating conditions, etc. If the technician decides that the flat tyre is repairable, then he/she should make repairs in accordance with the British Standard, which outlines the correct inspection process and repair procedures for all relevant national tyre industry repairs.

Doing so will ensure that optimal driving safety standards are maintained. Continental is not responsible for the specialist’s decisions or the repaired wheel.


Self-Supporting Runflat tyre repair

Even a trained tyre specialist may be unable to recognise internal damage made to a Self-Supporting Runflat (SSR) tyre, if the damage resulted from the tyre having been driven in under-inflated or zero-pressure conditions. Such damage may not be visible on the surface of the inner liner or sidewall, making it impossible to determine its repair suitability.

In general, Continental does not recommend any repair to Continental SSR tyres and recommends fitting a new tyre instead.

Note: Continental advises that if a tyre is returned and the reason for the product’s disablement is in any way associated with a repair, or necessitates a repair, the manufacturer’s warranty will be considered invalid.

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