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Temporary spare tyres

What are Temporary Spare Tyres and how should they be used?

A spare is a necessary part of driving a car. It is important to know what kind of tyres your car is fitted with and what kind of spare wheel you have. Your car could have a full-size wheel or it could have a temporary one. They are different, and knowing which you are using can save you from damaging your car and needing additional repairs. 

Spare tyres intended for short-term use can be recognised by the “T” for “Temporary” in front of the tyre size description.

For example: T135/90R16

These spare tyres may only be used in an emergency, such as the incidence of a flat tyre through a puncture or other damage. As an emergency tyre, they should be fitted on one wheel of the car for a short time only, until the damaged tyre is repaired or a new one is fitted to your vehicle. Temporary spare tyres are usually much smaller and take up far less space, but that means they can carry less weight or load and have a lower speed rating. 

Do not drive your car with more than one emergency spare tyre in use. The spare may only be used at the limited car speed (max 80 km/h, or 50 mph) as indicated on the sidewall and/or the label attached to the tyre or wheel.

As a spare is designed for short-term use on the road, this emergency tyre should only be used for a limited period, before being removed from your vehicle and replaced with a conventional tyre (or wheel) assembly from a suitable tyre dealer.

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