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Ultra High Performance Tyres

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Ultra High Performance Tyres

Since Continental began developing road tyres, technology has driven the pace of innovation. Our Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyres are at the leading edge of these technology developments, delivering better grip on the road, better safety, and excellent handling.

So what makes an ultra-high performance tyre so special? When equipped, UHP tyres enable high-end performance cars to safely reach their limits. The tyres are designed to handle the increased speeds, torque and G-forces produced by the extra horsepower, enhanced brakes and sports-tuned suspension of the vehicle. Needless to say, they represent a major leap forward over standard high performance tyres.

Ultra-High Performance Tyres at Continental

Within Continental, we classify a ultra-high performance tyre as car and 4x4/SUV tyres that are 17” in diameter or above. Within this bracket we also include all our specialist tyres that provide specific solutions for car manufacturers, such as Self Supporting Runflat tyres, ContiSeal tyres for extended mobility, and ContiSilent tyres for reduced interior noise.

Sealing punctures with ContiSeal technology

  • ContiSeal reduces tyre tread damage: punctures up to 5 mm in diameter (such as nail damage) are sealed immediately from inside the tyre thanks to our unique technology
  • Continued mobility and unaltered mileage – no need for an immediate stop or roadside tyre change
  • Driving performance identical to that of a tyre of usual condition without ContiSeal

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Reducing interior noise with ContiSilent tyres

  • Reduced interior noise on all road surfaces
  • The ContiSilent technology works in all weather conditions
  • No change in any driving performance characteristics
  • No change in mileage and load/speed capability
  • Same mounting and storage as with standard tyres

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Self Supporting Runflat tyres for onward mobility

  • Drive up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph in the event of puncture
  • No spare wheel necessary
  • Compatible with conventional rims
  • Fuel efficient (weight of 4 SSR tyres < = 5 standard tyres)

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UHP tyres for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Original equipment (OE) is the key driver for the development of UHP tyres. Together with our European car manufacturer partners, we develop tyres and rubber compounds to meet their exacting standards of outstanding grip and road safety. UHP tyres can ensure better stability when cornering, more precise steering, accurate speed ratings, and shorter stopping distances.

Also important to note is that if you already own a car that’s designed to use UHP tyres, you shouldn’t try to switch to lower rated high performance tyres when the time comes to replace them. This could have a negative impact on the overall performance of your car.

Continental has a broad range of ultra high-performance tyres to ensure that every vehicle type -- from sports cars to family vehicles -- are supplied with the ideal product.

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