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Continental EU Tyre Label

EU Tyre Label

Statement on the EU Tyre Label


  • Continental welcomes the introduction of the European Tyre Label and the improvement of tyre information for consumers at the point of sale.

  • By November 2012, all consumers will be informed about fuel efficiency, safety properties and noise levels of new tyres via the label.

  • Between categories, fuel consumption will increase or decrease by 0.42 to 0.56 mpg, whereas the braking distance required on a wet road at 50 mph will increase or decrease by up to 6 m.

  • Tyre tests conducted by car magazines will continue to be an important source of information for end consumers since they test up to 11 further safety-relevant product properties in addition to the three criteria shown on the label.

  • In winter, other tyre performance criteria become important that are not included on the label. Motorists should consult alternative published sources, such as tyre tests, retailer advice, manufacturer materials, etc., when purchasing winter tyres.

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