What else should be considered when choosing new tyres?

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Continental EU Tyre Label

EU Tyre Label

Other factors to consider when choosing a new tyre

Looking beyond the EU Tyre Label

The EU Tyre Label is designed to display information concerning three core criteria – wet grip, fuel efficiency, and exterior noise. Anyone considering a new tyre should take into account the EU tyre labelling. It will help them to understand more about the tyre's rolling resistance and make an informed choice before they get behind the wheel of their vehicle.

However, it’s important to note that the tyre labelling is not a quality label. It doesn't cover every aspect of the overall performance of a tyre, for example the tread, the fit, or the sidewall. And it's no substitute for quality testing by specialised laboratories, or information provided by manufacturers, motoring associations, and specialist press. All of them use a wider range of criteria for characterising the tyres.

Another thing to consider is that, for the sake of clarity, the tyre labelling doesn't address more than three parameters. It doesn't highlight, for example, how long the tyre will last, the design of the tread, or how it performs driving in snow.  Motorists should know about behaviour in aquaplaning or handling on curves before they choose, but they won't find this information on a tyre label.

At Continental we will never lose sight of these important performance factors, and we recommend that motorists still consider them in addition to the EU tyre label. We work to develop safe tyres that perform exceptionally when you need them to, and anticipate factors beyond grip in wet conditions, fuel efficiency, and exterior noise.

That's why we supply our tyres to testers who independently review their performance in multiple conditions including:

  • Resistance to aquaplaning on wet roads
  • Driving stability
  • Handling and steering precision
  • Durability
  • Braking performance
  • Capabilities in winter conditions

These tyre tests are regularly undertaken by reputable consumer organisations and automotive magazines in both the UK and throughout Europe.

We believe published tyre tests will take these performance factors into account, and therefore are an excellent source of independent information regarding the total performance of a tyre.

Studied in addition to EU Tyre Labelling, motorists can choose their premium tyres from Continental with complete confidence.


Test CriteriaTyre LabelTyre Tests/Awards
Driving StabilityNoYes
Aquaplaning - longitudeNoYes
Aquaplaning - latitudeNoYes
Cornering gripNoYes
Noise insideNoYes
Noise outsideYesYes
Rolling resistanceYesYes
PAH* oil levelNoYes
High speedNoYes
Yesincluded*Polycyclic Aromatic
Nonot includedHydrocarbons

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