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EU Tyre Label

EU Tyre Label

Information on the EU tyre label


About the EU Tyre Label

From November 2012, tyres sold in the European Union are subject to comulsory tyre labelling.

The EU tyre label provides clear information on the environmental and safety characteristics of a tyre, focusing on three key criteria; fuel efficiency, wet braking, and noise levels.

Understanding these symbols on the tyre label help drivers to make key decisions about greater road safety, reduced pollution, and increased fuel economy.

Rolling resistance and fuel efficiency

As you drive down a road your tyres rotate, flexing towards and away from the road surface. This causes energy to be lost. The amount of energy lost depends on the rolling resistance of the tyre.

The most energy efficient tyres have a low rolling resistance. This means that less energy -- and therefore less fuel -- is required to move the vehicle.

Since tyres can account for between 20% to 30% of a vehicle's fuel consumption, choosing new tyres which are energy efficient will directly result in fuel cost savings.

Reading the Tyre Label

The tyre labelling features easy-to-understand pictograms which provide information on three essential aspects of a tyre's performance.

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