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Tuning with Continental: What is it all about?

Stand out from the crowd, get the best out of the vehicle, individualise your car. More and more car owners put emphasis on the appearance of their cars. Starting with an individual wheel-tyre combination, which is intended to distinguish the car from the masses of everyday vehicles. This is where wide tyres come into play.

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UHP tyre development at Continental

Optics and performance are the essential criteria for the tuning of vehicles - according to individual taste. Every vehicle owner has the opportunity to express his personal style through optimisation. It doesn't matter whether you want to score with the appearance, with the engine or with the overall car performance.

The distinguishing characteristic of an ultra-high-performance tyre is not just the size – which is 18 inches in diameter or larger – but also its superior competency in the most demanding of situations. With a set of UHP tyres fitted to your performance car, you can expect a sporty ride, smoother lane changes, plus enhanced steering precision and cornering stability.

The special features of UHP tyres at a glance:

  • Optimum grip in all driving situations;
  • Precise steering behaviour;
  • Short braking distances in dry and wet conditions;
  • Very high safety during braking;
  • Continental focuses on asymmetry in tread pattern design. This means that the outer shoulder of the tyre is different from the inner shoulder. This has a particularly positive effect on handling and cornering;
  • Massive centre bands on the tyre ensure high stiffness in the tyre, providing fine steering precision and responsive feedback to the driver.

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