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Knowing that you can always trust in your tyres gives you confidence. Our new SportContact™ 7 is engineered to give you the confidence to know you can push the limits further and further, so you can enjoy driving pleasure at the highest level.

• Gives you confidence with safe and stable driving behaviour on wet and dry surfaces.

• A perfect interplay of extra-soft BlackChili compound and extra-stiff pattern for long-lasting, next-level driving pleasure.

• Tailor-made for different vehicle classes to give you the typical SportContact™ feeling.

Everything in the automotive industry is evolving, from our performance tyres to the electric engines that power our vehicles. This means our driving must evolve too. In this video series, Nico Rosberg, with the help of our SportContact™ 7, educates us how to drive an electric car like a pro, so you can master the road ahead with confidence.

Episode 1: Acceleration


Did you know that electric cars are heavier than combustion-engine cars? It’s true. And the reason why it’s important to know this is because it affects the way we drive, especially when it comes to accelerating. But not to worry: there is a trick to picking up the pace in an electric vehicle. What is it, you ask? You’ll have to watch this episode of “Driving electric like a pro” to find out.

Bilster Berg racetrack

Episode 2: Cornering

Overhead shot of a corner of a racetrack

As most experienced drivers know, you have to brake to your desired speed before entering a corner. This is for safety reasons, as no one wants to brake harshly and risk having their car lose control. But what happens if you are driving an electric car? Nico Rosberg doesn’t cut any corners in explaining how to corner in this episode of “Driving electric like a pro,” and it all has to do with the letter V.


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Episode 3: Perfect Line

View when driving through a corner on the racetrack

What does it mean to drive the “perfect line”? It’s the imaginary line a car would follow on the road when it goes around a corner or down a straight. It is not the shortest distance around a corner, but one that minimises the time spent in a corner while maximising the speed through the corner. Make sense? It also has a lot to do with braking, aggressive turn-ins, and exiting corners. But we’ll leave it up to the expert, Nico Rosberg, to explain how to achieve the perfect line in an electric car with our SportContact™ 7 tyres.


Episode 4: Braking

Road with tracks

Braking in any car is one of the riskier elements of driving. You don’t want to brake too hard when driving around town, but rather brake to give yourself enough distance to slowly and smoothly bring the car to a complete stop. But if you are on the racetrack and your electric car is equipped with our SportContact™ 7 tyres, then it’s a different story. Watch the next episode as Nico teaches us how to explore the limits of braking safely.


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