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St George's Park

The home of English Football

St George's Park opened in 2012 near Burton-Upon-Trent in Staffordshire as the national football centre for all coaching and development work undertaken by The English FA. 

The 330-acres facility is the training and preparation ground for all of the 24 England national football teams and offers 14 football pitches including a full size indoor 3G pitch and an exact replica of the Wembley pitch. Furthermore, the state of the art facilities include a suite of rehabilitation and sports science areas and an indoor Futsal sports hall. 

The Continental Tyres Challenge

An integral part of our partnership with St. George’s Park is the Continental Tyres Challenge which will test your footballing ability by putting you through six core skill based activities;

  • Precision - pick your spot and shoot - have you got the accuracy?
  • Power - have you got the power? Measure your kick-speed with the Continental Speed Trap
  • Reaction - test your speed on the Batak board
  • Endurance - how good is your engine? Test yourself on the hill climb
  • Control - beat the pros at the testing Quick Feet challenge
  • Acceleration - on the Continental Tyres Sprint track - have you got the best 0-60?

Similar to a footballer, our tyres have to perform at their best in all six areas. 

Players of all ages and ability can compete to be top of the leaderboard in each of the six disciplines. So you can pitch yourself against your mates but also everyone else who participated in the challenge before. With the high profile players and teams going through St. George’s Park you might even be able to challenge yourself against some of the best players in the world. 

You can find out more about the Continental Tyres Challenge on The FA website, with leader-boards of the best results and how to take part.

Watch our video to find out more about St George's Park

St George's Park

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