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Camping and Parking


All competitors must read the following information


Catton Park, Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire DE12 8LN

To avoid a narrow bridge at Walton on Trent it is best to approach from the A38 between Lichfield and Burton-on-Trent. Leave the A38 taking the A513 signed for Tamworth and Alrewas. Head towards Tamworth on the A513, after approx. 1.5 miles you will go under a railway bridge. Take the left turn immediately after the bridge. The event arena will be on the right hand side after about 1 mile.

CAMPING is free and available from 08:00AM Friday through till Sunday night inclusive.

There will be an area for soloists to camp & park close to the start/finish. Team camping will be in the fields either side of the arena. Please be considerate and do not tape off unnecessarily large areas. 

The campsites will be vehicle free zones only caravans & camper vans will be permitted to park within the campsites during the event. You are asked to park all other vehicles in the parking areas allocated to each campsite once you have unloaded your weekend requirements. You will still be able to access your vehicle during the event should you need to. There will be parking for day visitors/spectators in the field opposite the main event site entrance.

Caravans and motorhomes
Please be aware there are no electricity hook ups so please come prepared with alternatives such as small generator (diesel only) for power or gas for cooking.

Please be considerate - only tape off the space you really need to camp. Remember that quiet time on the campsite is between 23:00PM and 7:00AM

Further camping/parking information and outline site map will be sent to competitors prior to the event.

Facilities brought onto the site include shower and toilet units. Showers will be operational as from 12:00PM Saturday through till 18.00PM Sunday. Portable toilets will remain in situ until 09.00AM Monday.

Barbecues are welcome - but strictly NO digging of fire pits or open fires.

Responsible owners are welcome to bring well behaved dogs. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and you must clean up after your dog.

Catton Park is a working farm so if walking your dog please stick to the obvious event fields or camping areas to avoid disturbing livestock in other parts of the park.

Please ensure that you remove all tent pegs when you break camp as equestrian events are also held at the venue. Also take extreme care with glass and bottles and make sure your pitch is free of litter when you leave.

Parking and Camping

  • Around the first week of July 2017, Team Captains and solo runners will receive - by email - a Camping & Parking Voucher. Captains please note all drivers for your team will need a copy.
  • Each team member bringing a vehicle will need to print off and fill in a voucher to be presented when you arrive at the event.
  • On arrival display voucher clearly on your dashboard. Staff at the main gate will direct you to the campsite
  • This year the location will open at 8:00AM Friday 21st July 2017.
  • Once on the campsite drivers will have to unload their camping equipment etc. and then park their vehicle in the allocated parking area. Please follow instructions from parking staff.
  • The first team member to arrive is welcome to mark out a space for the team. Please be considerate and do not tape off unnecessarily vast areas. It is down to team mates to communicate regarding meeting up on site.
  • Campervans and caravans ONLY are permitted to park within the camp sites. (This does not include trucks or cars that people have decided to sleep in.) Once you’ve unhitched your caravan please park the car in the car park.
  • A very small minority of people have been ‘abandoning’ their cars a distance from their own tent on site. This will not be tolerated these cars will be removed.
  • Solo runners are permitted to park within the solo camp site but their supporters vehicles should be parked in car park B or day parking.
  • After race start at midday Saturday vehicle movement will be restricted on the event site. Any late arrivals must park in Car Park A/day parking area as cars will not be allowed into the event site again until 11:00AM on Sunday. Also, if runners need to leave the event before race end they can then park in Car Park A only on their return.
  • Please respect others staying on site and adhere to the quiet time on the campsite which is 23:00PM till 7:00AM.
  • To help avoid congestion after race end, pack up all camping gear in readiness before bringing cars back onto the campsite to pick up.

Timetable of Events

Friday 21st July 2017

  • 08:00AM Campsite opens.
  • 16:00PM to 21:00PM Registration open.
  • 20:00PM The Pyjama Run starts. A short run for the under 12’s on the start/finish straight. Free of charge. All participants will receive a certificate, a medal & cup of hot chocolate. Parents will be able to pre-register in the main marquee on the day if their child wants to take part.
  • 23:00PM until 07:00AM Quiet time on the campsite.

Saturday 22nd July 2017

  • 07:00AM to 11.00AM Registration open.
  • 11:30AM Race briefing. At least one team member from each team should attend so that we can run through some important points about the event.
  • 11:50AM Runners begin to line up on the start line. In order to limit the possible bottleneck on lap one runners will be seeded and asked to line up according to their last 10k time. This should help all runners get a clear start. (Do bear in mind this is a long race).
  • 12:00 noon The 24h Conti Thunder Run 2017 begins!!!
  • 20:20PM Sunset. All runners must carry a light from this point.
  • 23:00PM till 07.00AM Quiet time on the campsite.

Sunday 23rd July 2017

  • 06:40AM Sunrise. Only about 7 1/2 hours to go.
  • 12:00 noon Race finishes. All runners to complete the lap they are on.
  • 13:30PM approx. Podium presentation for all categories.

The Rules

1) Categories

  • Solo category – open to male and female
  • Pairs category – open to two male, two female or mixed pairs
  • Teams of Three to Five – all male, all female or mixed sex teams
  • Teams of Six to Eight – this category is only open to mixed sex teams

Once racing begins there can be no change to the team line up. The order in which the runners go on course can change but team members cannot be substituted.

2) Solo Runners

Soloists, obviously, race on their own for the 24 hours. Soloists can take breaks as they require but must only leave and re-join the course at the start /finish arch once they have crossed the timing mats. They should let the timing staff know if they will be off course for more than a few minutes (e.g. if taking a rest period) and also when they resume. Any time off course will be added to their next lap when they continue. 

3) Team Runners Handover

Runners can only change over at the designated area at the start/finish zone. When Runner A is out on course, Runner B needs to be ready at the changeover area when A is due to complete his lap(s). Runner A will come in after their lap and hand the exchange baton to runner B before he starts the next lap. If the on course runner intends to run more than one lap they will be able to pass over the timing mats (to register the lap) and continue. If no runner is there to hand over to (e.g. they are still asleep in their tent) the runner on course can either elect to run another lap or to go and find them.

If a runner drops out of your team tell the start/finish staff so they can be struck off the register. Remember your team can’t get a result unless everyone has raced a lap. (This excludes serious injury)

4) Registration

All competitors must sign on with registration before 11:00AM on Saturday. You will collect your race number, timing chip and relay baton at this time. These will not be posted out in advance.

IMPORTANT- runners must check that their details are correct & that they are entered into the correct category when they sign on.

If team members are happy for the Team Captain to sign in on their behalf then he/she can collect the numbers/chips etc. for the whole team

5) Race Numbers

Race numbers must be worn while racing. Please be sure to write your emergency details on the reverse of the race number, include an emergency contact number, any medication you are taking at the time of the event also any known allergies you have.

6) The Baton

The relay baton must be carried by the ‘on course’ runner at all times. Losing the baton will incur a time penalty with the incoming runner having to wait 5 minutes before being given a new baton to hand over.

7) Championship Timing System
FR Systems are again doing the event timing. The system revolves around transponder chips that all runners must wear on their ankle (NOT on the wrist.)

As you pass over the mats at the start/finish arch the system will detect your racing chip and credit you with that lap and time. The clock then starts for the next lap whoever might be doing it. If another member of your team is doing the next lap pass the baton to them, they set off and their lap time will stop when they pass over the timing mats when they return.

Throughout the event screens in the catering tent will be displaying lap times and positions. If you have any queries regarding your lap times, please report to the timing team immediately, do leave not leave it till later.

8) Minimum Laps
Each registered runner must complete at least one lap during the 24 hours for the teams score to count. There is no maximum number of laps.
If taking a break please leave the course after crossing the timing mats and tell the timing official that you are taking a rest break. This time off course will be added to the next lap when you, or another team member, return to continue

9) Lights
Being a 24 hour race it’s going to get dark and all racers on course between sunset and sunrise must have a working light be it head torch or hand held unit. Bear in mind there will be about nine hours of darkness please make sure your lights are charged and will see you through the whole night. Our lightning sponsors will announce their activities at the event shortly.

10) Finish 

The Thunder Run 24 hour officially finishes at 12 noon on Sunday. So long as a runner starts a lap before the 24 hours have elapsed that lap will count in their total lap score once completed. Teams can declare at any point (if all team members have run one lap) and their total laps completed will still stand.

The winning team will be the one that completes the most laps in the shortest time. Results will be as number of laps plus time taken to finish after 12PM and might look like this:

  • 1 - Team A 13 laps; 24:02:00
  • 2 - Team B 13 laps; 24:15:00
  • 3 - Team C 12 laps; 23:01:00

Team A wins with 13 laps and a finish time of 12:02PM; Team B come in next with 13 laps finishing at 12:15PM; Team C have less laps so come in third even though they decided to finish at 11:01PM.

11) Cheating
Cheating will not be tolerated. Substituting unregistered runners, cutting through the tapes, taking short cuts and any other cheating will result in instant disqualification of the runner (if soloist) or the complete team.

12) Quiet Time

Between 11:00PM and 07:00AM please keep the noise on the campsite to a minimum. Please consider everyone on site.

13) Medical and Massage

There will be a qualified medical team on site to deal with medical emergencies for the duration of the event. The First Aid point will be stationed in the main arena. All race marshals will be able to radio for help if necessary.

Masseurs will be in attendance. These guys are all volunteers and will massage competitors for a cash donation. Please turn up with clean legs and bring your own towel.

14) Problems During the Race
If you have any problems while actually racing or encounter a fellow competitor having problems please tell the next race marshal so assistance can be called if required. Similarly, if you encounter people messing with course markings or lurking around looking shifty, tell a race marshal and they will ask an official or security to investigate.

15) Post Event

We recommend that you take Monday off, sleep in, rest up and eat lots of nice food.

Don’t travel too far on Sunday night if you can help it, or get a fresh driver to take you home.

Hints and Tips

Team Mates

The guys and girls you’ll be running with and sharing the experience with are vitally important to you. Make sure that everyone in the team has the same kind of goal in mind. If one of the team has their heart set on winning outright whereas the rest of the team would be over the moon just to complete the distance, then friction is bound to occur. Make sure that you are all ‘singing off the same hymn sheet’ and your race will run a lot smoother.


You, your team mates and helpers are encouraged to set up camp the night before the race. This will give you plenty of time to get organised. On the day of the race you’ll soon be busy with the running itself so anything you can get prepared in advance is a bonus


You’re going to burn off a lot of calories over the duration of the event so making sure you are fully fuelled is imperative to success. We will have caterers on site who will be open night & day preparing hot & cold food but self-sufficiency is a good thing. There’s no queue for one thing. Bear in mind that you won’t want anything that’s too complicated to make.
Your time off course is precious & you’ll want to spend as much of it as possible resting up. If possible, call on a friend or partner to be your chef for the weekend to take care of the food. Remember to keep hydrated at all times too. If you’re not used to energy drinks this isn’t the time to start experimenting with them. Stick to what you are used to.


Take as many changes of clothes as possible. It doesn’t matter if the weather is good or bad there’s nothing quite as demoralising as having to pull back on cold, wet kit. Likewise, bring more than one choice of footwear.

The Race

Remember how long the race is. Don’t go out like a bat out of hell and end up in a withered heap after the first couple of laps. Pace yourself, learn the course, it is quite technical out there so having good knowledge of what’s around the corner is valuable.

Change Over

To see out the duration without any hitches good timing at the changeover is key. It is worth finding a willing volunteer to help with the timing & making sure everyone is woken up at the right time & at the changeover area on schedule. Keep track of roughly how long everyone in the team takes to complete a lap, write things down & have a clock handy to work out the approximate hand over times. That way the runners get as much rest as they can & spend as little time as possible standing around waiting at the change-over area.

Hours of Darkness

For many competitors this will be their first experience of running off-road in darkness. It adds a new dimension to the competition & should be treated with respect. Get a good light, test it & have a back-up in case of emergencies.

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