Give your car the MOT it deserves

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Give your car the
MOT it deserves

So, you’re one of the one in five drivers with an MOT due. Will you also be one of the one in two drivers who fail their MOT due to a problem with tyres?

Imagine the scene; your car is at the local garage, you’re clock watching - you’ve got to get to work, pick up the kids, get to that important date - and they say “you need two new tyres to pass the MOT”. Anger, frustration, cold sweat… and you ask:

Do you have any… and can you fit them now?

LIMITED CHOICE. You’re stuck with what they have in stock, which may not be the ‘best’ tyre for your car.

How much?

EXPENSIVE. You don’t have the opportunity to shop around for the best price.

Will I pass the MOT with them?

YES. But all this could have been avoided with a two minute tyre check.

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Did you know...

Most garages offer FREE tyre and brake checks.

Check your tyres

The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. Please consider that safe driving in adverse weather conditions is affected by the tread depth, the pattern design and the rubber compound of the tread of your tyres. Therefore, check your tyres regularly to help your car pass its MOT.


If you need advice or a free tyre check contact your local tyre professional. 

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Don’t ignore your tyres. Take the 20 pence tyre check.

With a 20 pence piece have a visual check of each tyre looking out for any damage and if the tread is lower than the edge of your 20 pence it’s time to change your tyres.



Why should I bother to check my tyres?

Safe tyres save lives. We recommend that you fit the best tyres you can afford. Check out this video to see the difference between a budget tyre and a premium tyre… it will change how you think about tyres.


Why should I choose Continental tyres?

Our grip and performance are proven all year round. Whatever the season, whatever the weather Continental have an award winning tyre that’s right for your car. Continental tyres and are fitted to 1 in 3 new cars built in Europe and are trusted by all car manufacturers. See for yourself.



If you need advice or a free tyre check contact your local tyre professional. 

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