Continental TR24 Thunder Run event race info and rules

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ContiThunderRun 24Hr

Race Info and Rules

The basic format is pretty simple: complete as many laps of the 10k course as possible within the time limit.

Solo runners must do it all on their own. Teams must complete relay style with only one runner on course at a time, handing over their baton in the designated changeover area after the start/finish arch. As long as a lap has been started before the 24 hours is up it can be completed and added to the runner’s/team’s total.

ContiThunderRun is tough, but a wholly inclusive challenge and a hugely supportive atmosphere making it a great challenge for new and experienced runners alike. 


  • Solo category – open to male and female
  • Pairs category – open to two male, two female or mixed pairs
  • Teams of Three to Five – all male, all female or mixed sex teams
  • Teams of Six to Eight – this category is only open to mixed sex teams

Once racing begins there can be no change to the team line up. The order in which the runners go on course can change but team members cannot be substituted.

The Course
The course at ContiThunderRun is a great mix of terrain and surface keeping it engaging lap after lap. The 10km lap weaves its way through the grounds of Catton Park taking in twisty trails, technical woodlands, open fields, stone tracks, climbs, descents and some excellent views… a bit of everything!

Conti Thunder Run 2020 course map

Race Rules

Solo Runners

Solo runners race on their own for the 24 hours. They can take breaks as they require but must only leave and rejoin the course at the designated point after the start/finish arch once they have crossed the timing mats. Any time off course will be added to their next lap when they continue. All solo runners who complete 16 or more laps will receive a special memento for breaking the 100 mile mark.

Team Handover

Runners can only pass over their relay baton at the designated handover area at the start/finish zone. When Runner A is out on course, Runner B needs to be ready at the handover area when A is due to complete their lap(s). Runner A will come in after their lap and hand the baton to runner B before they start the next lap. If the on-course runner intends to run more than one lap they will be able to pass over the timing mats (to register the lap) and continue. If no runner is there to hand over to (e.g. they are still asleep in their tent) the runner on course can either elect to run another lap or to go and find them.

If a runner drops out of your team tell the start/finish staff so they can be struck off the register. Remember your team can’t get a result un-less everyone has raced a lap (This excludes serious injury).

If a team is caught handing over their baton anywhere other than the designated handover area their lap will be discounted.


All competitors must sign on with registration before 11:00AM on the Saturday morning. You will collect your race number, timing chip and relay baton at this time. These will not be posted out in advance.

IMPORTANT- runners must check that their details are correct and that they are entered into the correct category when they sign on.

If team members are happy for the Team Captain to sign in on their behalf, then they can collect the numbers/chips etc. for the whole team.

Race Numbers

Race numbers must be worn while racing. Please be sure to write your emergency details on the reverse of your race number. Also include any relevant medical information such as any known allergies or medication you are on. If a runner is found to be on course without their number their lap will be discounted from the race.

The Baton

The relay baton (usually a hi-vis slap band) must be carried by the ‘on course’ runner at all times. Losing the baton will incur a 5 minute time penalty.

Race Timing

Our timing system revolves around transponder chips that all runners must wear on their ankle (NOT on the wrist.) As you pass over the mats at the start/finish arch the system will detect your racing chip and credit you with that lap and time. The clock then starts for the next lap whoever might be doing it. If another member of your team is doing the next lap pass the baton to them, they set off and their lap time will stop when they pass over the timing mats when they return.

Throughout the event screens will be available displaying lap times and positions. A link to live results online will also be published. If you have any queries regarding your lap times, please report to the timing team immediately, do leave not leave it till later.

Minimum Laps

Each registered runner must complete at least one lap during the 24 hours for the teams score to count. There is no maximum number of laps.


During hours of darkness all runners on course must carry at least one light with them. The course is not floodlit! Please be familiar with your lights, have confidence in using them and be sure that they have enough charge to see you through to daylight.

The Finish

Thunder Run 24Hr officially finishes at 12 noon on Sunday. So long as a runner starts a lap before the 24 hours have elapsed that lap will count in their total lap score once completed. Teams can declare at any point (if all team members have run one lap) and their total laps completed will still stand.

The winning team will be the one that completes the most laps in the shortest time. Results will be as number of laps plus time taken to finish after 12PM and might look like this:

  • 1 - Team A 13 laps; 24:02:00
  • 2 - Team B 13 laps; 24:15:00
  • 3 - Team C 12 laps; 23:01:00

Team A wins with 13 laps and a finish time of 12:02PM; Team B come in next with 13 laps finishing at 12:15PM; Team C have less laps so come in third even though they decided to finish at 11:01PM.


Provisional results will be posted online as soon as possible after the race for everyone to review. Should you find any issues you will be able to contact the timing team directly. All queries must be made by 5pm on Wednesday 28th July 2021.


Thankfully this isn’t a big issue at ContiThunderRun, but none the less, cheating will not be tolerated. Substituting unregistered runners, cutting the course and any other forms of cheating will results in disqualification from the race.

Quiet Time

Between 23:00 PM and 7:00 AM please keep the noise to a minimum. Please be considerate to everyone on site. Team captains are responsible for the behaviour of any supporters staying with their teams. If any non-runners are making excessive noise, the teams that they are connected to may be disqualified from the race.

Problems During The Race

If you have any problems while actually racing or encounter a fellow competitor having problems, please tell the next race marshal so assistance can be called if required. Similarly, if you encounter people messing with course markings or lurking around the site looking shifty, tell a race marshal and they will ask an official or security to investigate. An out of hours contact number will be published to enable you to contact the event team 24 hours a day.


Ideally, we would prefer you not to use headphones whilst running, but due to the duration and nature of the event runners are permitted to compete with one earphone in only. Runners found to have two earphones in will be subject to a time penalty or have their lap discounted, at the discretion of the event directors.

The use of bone conducting headphones is currently permitted. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw the use of these if any issues arise.

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