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Camping Procedure and Guidelines

We are reviewing the camping procedure to try and speed up entry to the campsite. Please check back soon for updates.

PLEASE NOTE: For 2020 we are trialling a new system to speed up getting everyone on site.  The new system revolves around an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) scanner.  All vehicles wishing to park at the event must complete the online form found here [link - ].  Details can be amended or added right up until the day before arrival.

When you arrive on site your number plate will be scanned, logging your time of arrival, so you should be able to be waved straight into the site.  We hope that this will be much more efficient than the old system of filling out and checking the paper parking vouchers.

The event site is open from 9.00AM on Friday 17th July 2020.  Please do not arrive before this time.  There is strictly no parking along the road, in gateways or on grass verges.

Before arriving on site it’s worth deciding which campsite area you’d like to be in for the weekend and go to the associated gate (see site map).

Once you have found your camping spot you will have up to 1 hour to unload your camping equipment, etc and then move your car to one of the car parks.  Please note that Gates A&B are entrance only & Gate C is exit only.  Follow any instructions from car parking staff.

IMPORTANT – Please ensure all access routes are kept clear at all times.

The first team member on site is permitted to mark out space for the rest of the team.  However, we ask you to be considerate and NOT to tape off unnecessarily vast areas.  Yes, do have an area to sit, but there is absolutely no need to have a football pitch in the middle of your camp!

Campervans and caravans are permitted to park within the campsites but once you have unhitched your caravan you must move your car to one of the car parks.

The exception is that solo runners are permitted to park a car within the solo campsite area.  Their helpers’/supporters’ car must be parked in one of the car parks.  Should solo runners wish to camp with friends in the main campsites A&B they must adhere to the regular camping & parking procedure.

Blue badge holders participating or camping may park within the campsite areas but must clearly display a valid parking badge.  There will be a designated disabled parking area for day visitors.

After the race start at midday on Saturday no more vehicles will be permitted entry to the event site.  All vehicles arriving after this time must go to Car Park A.

If someone thinks that they may need to leave the site before the conclusion of the race they should park in Car Park A.

To hep avoid congestion after the end of the race, please pack up all of your tents & camping gear before bringing your car back into the campsite to load up.  Again, please be considerate and DO NOT block any of the access routes.

NOTE: We have to get a lot of you onto the site, so these camping instructions must be followed for everyone’s safety.  Our car parking staff are there to ensure this is done safely so please follow any instructions given by them.  Any poor language or disrespectful behaviour shown to any event staff could result in you being asked to leave the event.

Camping Notes

  • DO NOT enter the grounds of Catton Hall. This is a private residence of the estate and not open to the public.
  • Access to the river is strictly prohibited.
  • STRICTLY NO OPEN FIRES, FIRE PITS & CHINESE LANTERNS. BBQs are fine so long as they are kept off the ground. In particularly dry and hot conditions we may be forced to ban the use of BBQs.
  • The grounds of Catton Park are agricultural and pastureland, not a permanent campsite so there are only temporary facilities on site. Do not expect to find full campsite facilities such as electric hook ups.
  • All portaloos on site will be regularly cleaned and serviced throughout the event. If you have any issues, please let a member of staff know.
  • One shower block will be open on Friday from 4pm until 10pm. All shower blocks will be open from midday Saturday through until 4:00pm Sunday. While the race is underway some showers will be reserved for runners only, please follow the instructions displayed. Due to the temporary nature of the facilities and logistics required to have the showers running for the full duration of the race we are not currently able to extend these hours.
  • All showers will be regularly cleaned throughout the event but help us keep them in good shape by wiping off any excess mud before you step into the shower block. If you have any issues, please let event staff know.
  • Please be aware that if the conditions are particularly muddy the queue for the showers can get long. Consider others and be as quick as you can please.
  • Keep all dogs on a short lead and clean up after them.
  • Catton Park is a working farm so if you are walking your dog you must remain within the campsite and arena fields only. DO NOT walk the course with your dog to avoid disturbing any livestock and wildlife in other areas of the park.
  • Diesel generators only. NO petrol generators are allowed due to the increased fire risk.
  • Ensure that you remove all tent pegs when you break camp as equestrian events are also held at the venue. A rogue tent peg can cause serious injury.
  • Take extreme care with any bottles and glass and make sure your pitch is left completely free of litter when you leave.
  • Should you have any issues or concerns on site please report them immediately to a member of the event team. You will be able to get in touch with the event team 24 hours a day; either go to registration, the event office, or security team positioned at Gate A. 

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