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Game of Thrones

New Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost feature Continental compound soles

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost featuring Continental compound sole

With the final season of GoT now underway, this six shoe collection is based on the adidas Ultra Boost range, and is styled on motifs from the highly popular smash hit television series. No matter who you're rooting for to win the Iron Throne there's a shoe for you.

And thanks to Continental's unrivalled compound soles, they'll ensure you #getyourgrip whomever, or whatever - Lannister, Targaryen, Stark or White Walker - is chasing after you! 

Perfect for keeping your grip on the Iron Throne!


Our footwear partner, adidas, have released an exclusive range of Game of Thrones inspired footwear, all featuring Continental compound soles.

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost with Continental compound sole


The adidas Running x Game of Thrones Ultraboost Daenerys shoe is - like the character herself - perfectly styled to invoke the wonder of everyone's favourite Mother of Dragons. And with Continental compound soles, you won't be slipping on those dragon scales either.

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost with Continental compound sole collection


With the adidas Running x Game of Thrones Ultraboost Targaryen shoe, even your relations will think you look smokin' - which, given the history of this family, is not all together out of character. If your aunty gets you a pair, don't forget to give her a kiss - but only on the cheek. A family favourite for sure.

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost with Continental compound sole

Night’s Watch

The fall of the wall means it's every person for themselves! With these brilliantly styled Night’s Watch shoes, you'll not only look great but - thanks to Continental compound soles - have a great chance of outrunning those nasty White Walkers. 

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost with Continental compound sole collection

White Walkers

Both perfectly named and beautifully formed, these White Walkers shoes are a must-have for any aspiring member of the living dead to step out in. It's no wonder they never slip on the snow with their Continental compound soles. Winter is coming? Bring it!

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost with Continental compound sole

House Stark

Ideal for urban living, these House Stark shoes are - like the family themselves - the ultimate survivers. No matter the surface, they'll keep you safe, no matter what the world throws at you. Perfect for hands-on Arya, and even couture-dressed Lady Stark, Sansa, these running shoes are definitely King of the North. 

Game Of Thrones x adidas Ultra Boost with Continental compound sole collection

House Lannister

THE de facto power family, these stunning House Lannister shoes perfectly personify the might and grandeur of this exalted house. They'll look spectacular on any budding Cersei or Jamie, and wannabe Tyrion's too. If you're looking to keep your grip on the Seven Kingdoms, the Continental compound soles will help ensure you maintain power.

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