Continental and adidas City Run series

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adidas City Run

adidas City Run


For two years we partnered with adidas to bring you London’s most innovative running event. The adidas City Run series offers something for everyone and we saw a whole host of runners experience the ultimate grip with their adidas running trainers equipped with our soles.

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adidas City Runs


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adidas City Run series

The adidas City Run series highlighting superb grip with every Continental sole. 

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Aspiring Athletes

A short but steep challenge; how athlete Johannes Rydzek set a World Record on Continental soles with maximum grip.

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Ten ways to keep mind and body in perfect harmony

Exercise can be a great way to blow off steam, but for many of us it can become a source of stress. Here are ten useful tips and tricks to help you strike the perfect balance.

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Running out of excuses? Ten reasons people don’t go running

Too cold, too wet, too sick... there seems to be no shortage of excuses for runners who don’t quite feel up to hitting the road today.

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Ten tips on running in winter

Professor Christina Spengler presents ten tips that make running in winter even more fun.

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Running Tips and Tricks

Exercise is not a form of punishment. It can be a physical and mental reward, a hobby that will be very good for you in the long term.

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Shoe collection

adidas choose Continental compound for the soles of many of their men's, women's and kid's shoes, providing you with the essential grip you need.

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Continental and adidas #GetYourGrip

As a technical partner with adidas, more than 10 million running shoes a year are sold with Continental compound technology built into the soles - providing ultimate performance.

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ContiThunderRun 24Hr

24h Conti Thunder Run 2017

Now in its twelfth year, we are delighted to sponsor the renowned ContiThunderRun 24Hr.

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