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Continental Becomes Long-Term ADAC Partner for Increased Driving Safety in Germany

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  • Bundling of expertise expected to create considerable momentum – cooperation across eleven ADAC driving safety centres in Germany will be at the heart of this

  • Collaboration ideally suited to allowing Continental demonstrate the contribution its own accident prevention technologies make in achieving the long-term goal Vision Zero

Cooperation agreement with the aim of increasing road safety in Germany: Wolfgang Thomale, Head of Marketing and Sales for car tyre replacement business in Central Europe, Nikolai Setzer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental and Head of Tyre Division, Ulrich-Klaus Becker, ADAC Vice president and Alexander Möller, Director Verkehr ADAC (f. l. t. r.).


ADAC e.V. and the tyre manufacturer Continental have entered into a cooperation agreement with the aim of increasing road safety in Germany. As part of this, the tyre manufacturer will become a partner to eleven ADAC driving safety centres across Germany. Both partners believe this collaboration will ideally complement their own activities aimed at improving road safety. At the heart of this, driving safety training sessions will be offered to customers, the media and car drivers at these driving safety centres, where they will be able to witness the contribution made by Continental’s state-of-the-art safety technologies such as ESC and premium tyres first-hand.

Nikolai Setzer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental and Head of Tyre Division.


“ADAC, with its highly developed technical expertise with regard to vehicles and road technology, as well as its extremely well-equipped driving safety centres, is an ideal partner to enable us to demonstrate to end-users, customers and partners our long-term goal Vision Zero. We are joining forces to advocate for a road network free of fatalities, injuries or accidents. Of course, we also intend to highlight the quite simple things that can be done to improve safety, such as regularly checking and adjusting the tyre inflation pressure and ensuring the residual tread depth of their tyres is sufficient,” stated Nikolai Setzer, member of the Executive Board of Continental Corporation in charge of the Tyre division and Corporate Purchasing. “This cooperation will also ideally complement our involvement in the Stop the Crash campaign, a global partnership led by Global NCAP,” Setzer went on to explain.

ADAC Vice-President for Transport, Ulrich-Klaus Becker stated: “Maximum safety on the roads has been ADAC’s top priority for a long time – ADAC’s numerous driving safety centres also help us to achieve this objective, by allowing car drivers to train their skills under optimal conditions. We need strong partners like Continental who can support us in this important task by providing their expertise and first-rate products.”

Wolfgang Thomale, Head of Marketing and Sales for car tyre replacement business in Central Europe.


These driving safety centres are spread across Germany, with branches in Hanover, Berlin-Linthe, Nohra, Gründau near Frankfurt, Weilerswist, Augsburg including four smaller connected sites, and Schlüsselfeld, and are therefore located right at the heart of Europe. Continental will be represented at these individual centres in future, with flags, banners and displays, in presentation and exhibition areas, and in print and online media. “We want to get our marketing partners from tyre dealerships, car dealerships and specialist workshops interested in the theme of Vision Zero, as well as gradually building up the interest of the media and car drivers,” added Wolfgang Thomale, head of marketing and sales for the car tyre replacement business in the Central Europe region at Continental. “In Switzerland, we have worked in partnership with Touring Club Schweiz (TCS) to provide training sessions and workshops since the start of 2016. Thanks to these two collaborations, we now have access to extremely well-equipped driving safety centres in order to implement our ideas regarding Vision Zero across numerous markets in Central Europe. And we will be extremely resolute in utilising these opportunities.” Continental documents all activities concerning Vision Zero at