Continental highlights the value of premium tyres

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Continental highlights the value of premium tyres


Continental has once again teamed up with TV presenter and motoring expert Jonny Smith. The latest video in Continental’s advice series demonstrates why drivers should invest in premium tyre technology.

Taking to the track at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey, Smith tested two identical high-performance Mercedes-Benz AMG C63s, one fitted with Continental’s premium tyres, one a set of budgets. The ultra-high performance (UHP) SportContact™ 6 and budget tyres were then put through a series of challenges. The results highlighted the dramatic differences in how the tyres coped. 

The film replicates real-life scenarios faced by many drivers each day, while emphasising the importance of fitting premium tyres on a high-performance vehicle. Using the controlled track environment of Mercedes-Benz World, Jonny first showed the handling difference at 24 mph on a wet low-friction surface, followed by a test of control by driving between discs at a higher speed. In the final challenge, Jonny proved the stark differences between a premium and budget tyre by demonstrating braking on a wet surface from 40 to 0 mph.

Continental highlights the value of premium tyres

Smith, presenter of Fifth Gear on Quest and YouTube channel Fully Charged, is passionate about choosing the right tyres. He said: “Many people want to know why premium tyres are preferable to budget brands. With tyres the only part of your car in direct contact with the road, it makes sense to ensure they’re the best quality possible.”

“This video truly shows the differences between premium and budget tyres, and it highlighted to me the need to invest in what you fit to your car.”

As part of its commitment to Vision Zero, a future with zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero crashes, Continental continues to provide consumers with free demonstrations at Mercedes-Benz World. Throughout the year, drivers are able to take part in driving demonstrations to help understand the differences between summer, winter and all-season tyres.  

Continental highlights the value of premium tyres
Continental highlights the value of premium tyres

Mark Griffiths, safety expert at Continental Tyres, said: “Many drivers question why premium tyres are preferable to budgets. Continental wants drivers to understand the vital role tyres play in safer roads and working with Jonny to highlight this is vital.”

“During development, tyres go through a lengthy process to ensure they are suitable for a wide range of vehicles. These processes ensure premium tyres give vehicles optimum performance and safety, irrespective of the vehicle size or price.”

This latest video is part of an advice series that offers drivers simple and helpful tips to assist with making informed decisions around purchasing and maintaining tyres. The videos aim to provide car owners with the expertise to look after their tyres themselves, in turn keeping them and other road users safer while helping to save money by reducing tyre wear and fuel consumption.

Further evidence of why premium tyres play such a pivotal role on both front and rear fitments was recently highlighted by Jonathan Benson of Tyre Reviews. He recently demonstrated at a Continental test facility the dramatic effect driving on mixed fitments of premium, mid-range and budget tyres across axles has on a car’s handling. The results of the video reveal the shocking outcome of mixing tyres and the importance of fitting good quality tyres to your car.

All videos can be found on ContinentalTyresTV 

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