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Is the tread on an urban and touring bike different from a mountain bike?

Urban and touring tyres feature a more compact tread with closer and smaller lugs. They offer grip in wet or loose conditions, but primarily focus on promoting efficiency and comfort on road and paths. The rotational direction is important to consider when mounting the tyre as the tread pattern will be designed for optimum speed.

How can I find my tyre from the range?

To best support you best on your ride our tyres range from applications in urban enviroment to tours as well as specialists such as s-pedelec-dedicated tires.
Overall speaking our Urban/Tour tyre models are flexible and come in a wide range of sizes. With the indicated Safety Lavels you can be sure to find the perfect balance between performance and puncture protection. 

Can I use my commuting tyre for longer rides or touring?

Yes. The hard-wearing Continental Urban and Touring tyres are equipped with features that make them a perfect all-round option for both the demands of daily commuting and multi-day tours. The highly durable compounds combine with exceptional puncture protection and comfort to deliver a safe and smooth ride.

What does Safety Level mean?

To make your commute or tour as comfortable as possible all our Continental Urban/Tour tyre models come with Safety Levels from 4 to 7. Where Safety Level 4 already provides good reliability and proper puncture protection, tyres with Safety Level 7 are equipped with even stronger puncture protection layers. 

Are Urban/Touring tyres reflective?

Most models in the Urban / Touring range from Continental feature a reflective band around the sidewall that is designed to enhance visibility around other road users.

Are any of the Continental tyres compatible with E-Bikes?

Yes. Continental takes E-bike technology seriously and is able to call upon over 100 years of moped and motorcycle innovation to help move the industry forward. Look for the E25 and E50 ratings. They are symbols of quality and refinement that ensures additional certification has been applied to a standard speed of at least 25km/h. An enhanced structure, boosted puncture protection and low rolling resistance all help to counteract wearing factors of speed, torque and bicycle weight which are amplified when riding an e-bike.

I need a tyre option for my cargo bike

With a wide range of tyre sizes in our range there is cargo-sized options available, too. Select your preferred size from our tyre finder and find your individual options. 

Can I use Urban / Touring tyres all year round?

Urban/Touring tyres from Continental use specific compounds to promote grip and enhance durability under heavier loads. The tread can be used in poor weather and there are models designed for snow and ice conditions that feature metal spikes within the tread pattern.