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Ready for Anything

Ruban & eRuban Plus

Ready for Anything - Ruban and eRuban Plus are the energy-saving SUV allrounder that get you to both Rural and Urban. The partners for your commute, running errands and the weekend tour.

Watch our campaign video starring Matt Jones here

Ruban [Roo-bahn] adjective
At home in both rural and urban settings, giving you the freedom to choose; or be ready for anything. 



Tyres that respect your lifestyle The perfect blend of control and efficiency. Inspired by the technology used in our well-proven mountain bike tyres, the Ruban range has a rugged appearance that’s specifically designed to be chunky at the sides for traction and stability when you encounter wet or loose surfaces. Once back on the road, the confidence-inspiring tread pattern features acompact, fast-rolling center area to retain speed and save energy. Arrive at the shops, café or office feeling cool and calm.