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It's your Time

Grand Prix 5000

Snow; rain; sun; the commute; the club ride; the cafe ride with friends; the just getting the mileage in ride; the race.

Whatever it is, it’s your time:
that precious moment when you can forget about everything else.

Time set aside to focus on your passion.
The one thing that exhilarates you.
That allows you to push the limits.
To switch off. To breathe. To focus.

So let nothing stop you.
It's your time.

All-round confidence

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 is a performance road cycling tyre that delivers confidence and capability to every part of your ride. From the flow and focus of fast descents or the need for grip in tight corners to road-smoothing comfort on long days and traction when sprinting.

The demands on a tyre are never constant. The debris, the broken surfaces, the off-camber turns and the potholes - there’s a lot to contend with on a ride. Because no two roads are the same. Because no two rides are the same. The Continental Grand Prix 5000 lets you forget about the “what ifs” and the troubles. It’s a tyre that gives you the freedom to just ride. 

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Let nothing stop you - It's your Time