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TERRA gravel series

For your way off-road. For more comfort. For the adventure. Be it the long tour, or the shortcut on your way home. The new gravel Terra series by Continental gets you there. Made to get you over rough and smooth.

Our TERRA gravel tyres have been developed to perform across different surfaces. To be fast, durable and comfortable as you transition across hardpack gravel, wet tracks, loose grit and even sand. Because no two surfaces are the same, TERRA adapts to maintain performance no matter the conditions. Whether racing for the podium or simply chasing the sunset, TERRA has got you covered.

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"We choose a path less travelled" - TERRA by Continental


With trust, you can be ready for adventure To ride gravel tracks and experience adventure requires trust in your tyres. TERRA inspires confidence, whether exploring remote trails or riding a local route for the first time. Trust the grip, trust the rugged construction and puncture protection, and trust that the tyre will get you to the next checkpoint or water supply. Because adventure can be everywhere, our Continental TERRA range gives you the freedom to choose your own way.