Test Results

Test winner: PS magazine Track Day Slicks

PS magazine, issue 07/21 tested track day slicks in 120/70 R17 and 200/55 R17 medium compounds on a Honda Fireblade.



  • Handling: 24/30
  • Precision: 25/30
  • Stability: 24/30
  • Grip: 31/40
  • Behavior at the limit: 15/20
  • Righting moment when braking: 9/10
  • Feedback: 23/30
  • Lap Time: 32/40

Total: 183/230 - 1st place



(+) Best handling, highest precision of all track day slicks

(+) The front tyre provides lots of feedback > riding fun!  

(+) Really high grip level for this category

(-) The grip limit when new is a little sudden, but the slides are gentle. When loosing the highest grip levels after some laps, which is normal, the behaviour at the limit is even more predictable.

>> Shows high potential, because the lap time difference between the ContiTrack and the very fastest full-race slick is just 1.5 sec.

>> All in all a great tyre for club racers. Test winner in this category.



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