Technical Details

Don't let winter give you chills.

Did you know that nothing adheres better to snow than snow itself? Here’s a tyre that transfers this knowledge onto the road. Due to an improved configuration of steep parallel sipes, more snow can be collected from the ground. This ensures a firmer grip and gives you more controlled handling. And whenever you have to brake, long wiping edges enable extra-quick drainage of water and slush to reduce braking distance on frozen ground.

Just drain the rain away.

As we're no strangers to rainy winter days, we created a technology to ensure excellent driving behaviour on wet roads. Thanks to an improved composition of our CoolChili™ compound, which consists of new sustainable ingredients, you can always count on enhanced wet braking, while special hydro grooves ensure outstanding aquaplaning performance. So, even in extreme wet conditions, you know that you are perfectly prepared.

Keep rolling. And rolling. And rolling.

Less rolling resistance results in lower fuel consumption, while less abrasion leads to higher mileage. So much for theory. This is how we put it into practice: A tailor-made flexible polymer matrix with strong molecular chains ensures less abrasion on the road and extends the longevity of your tyre. And who would say no to a long-lasting tyre that helps you to save money?

When the weather is uncertain, you need something you can rely on.

When winter feels like autumn, and summer seems like spring, it’s all the same to the AllSeasonContact™. With its Traction Silica Compound you can rely on year round grip and braking performance.

More of what matters, less of what doesn’t.

Save on fuel, reduce your CO2 emissions and simply count on outstanding driving efficiency.


WinterContact™ TS 870 P Product Factsheet pdf 1 MB

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