Technical Details

Maximum fuel efficiency thanks to an innovative compound.

An innovative compound balances out the conflict between wet performance and rolling resistance and brings it to an unprecedented new level. Newly developed compound mixture has a stabilising effect on the tyre. These features result in decreased rolling resistance, giving better fuel efficiency.

Enhanced mileage through a wear optimised pattern.

Compared to the proven ContiVanContact™ 200 the completely newly developed tread pattern of the VanContact™ Eco is characterised by a stable tread pattern design. This leads to a better pressure distribution across the footprint, which reduces tyre wear and extends the tyre life. Furthermore, it enhances the handling properties under heavy loads.

The innovative groove design improves the noise level comfort.

The VanContact™ Eco comes with an innovative groove design. With this technology we reach an optimal noise level comfort for a van tyre while keeping a consistently high wet performance. 


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