Technical Details

Helps you stay on the road for longer.

Just as every successful business aims to build long-lasting relationships, our goal is to be by your side for as long as possible. That’s why we’ve developed the VanContact™ A/S Ultra – an all-season tyre you won’t be want to get rid of anytime soon. Its thicker rubber blocks in brick design and the scuff rib extending around the whole side of the tyre gives it a sidewall that is stable and robust. These features ensure high durability and reduce the likelihood of kerbstone damage – so you don't have to worry about buying new tyres for a very, very, very long time.

Manage the next winter seasons.

You can’t really judge how reliable an all-weather tyre is until it snows. That’s why we’ve equipped the VanContact™ A/S Ultra with the right amount of lateral grooves as special snow catchers that absorb more snow for extra-precise handling, while providing you with reliable grip, excellent braking on snow and overall high stability. You can always rely on your tyre to get you safely through the next winter – and the following ones.

Gets older without you noticing.

No matter how many kilometres you cover, you will hardly notice it on the VanContact™ A/S Ultra. To achieve this feat, we developed a new and innovative filler system that provides excellent rolling resistance. In addition, our latest compound with functionalised polymers enables higher mileage and provides extraordinary wear performance – for an all-round pleasant driving experience that feels like it did on the first day, even after a long time.


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