Technical Details

Our recipe for ultra-long-lasting driving comfort.

Enjoy your driving experience without worrying about the need for new tyres. The UltraContact - with its YellowChili compound and harmonised tread pattern design - provides you with ultra-high mileage and a safe and balanced driving experience. You wont have to worry about buying new tyres for a very, very long time.

When streets are rough, this tyre remains tough.

Driving is a pleasure when you know that almost nothing can stop you. Our new UltraContact has been developed to give you exactly this feeling: Its all-round protective construction with the thick and robust UltraShield casing provides remarkable damage protection for everyday driving.

Whether the roads are rough or smooth, we're confident you will enjoy the ride.

For safe performance on rainy roads.

Enjoy every mile you spend on the road - even if it rains. A large number of uniquely shaped sipes increases the wipe-out effect of water to enable short braking distances, while special noise breakers in the grooves lead to significant noise reduction. All this ensures every journey is as safe and as comfortable as possible.


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