Technical Details

Conti Diamond Technique: Production process for low rolling resistance

Good things take time. That's why we used the Conti Diamond Technique to lower the rolling resistance of the new Conti EcoRegional HS3+ and thanks to a new production process for the drive axle tyre the Conti EcoRegional HD3+ as well. Why diamond? Because diamonds take a long time to form, and as we cure these tyres at relatively low temperatures, this too takes longer. That gives the compound ingredients more time to react with one another and crosslink more effectively.

  • Conti Diamond Technique: Polymers and carbon particles have more time to react with one another and crosslink more effectively for less internal friction within the compound
  • Less build-up of heat resulting in lower rolling resistance, reduced fuel consumption and less emissions

For a powerful performance on regional roads: The tread design

  • W-groove technology makes for even distribution of forces along the groove when cornering, reducing stress on the tyre and prolonging its service life (available in 315/70 & 385/55 R 22.5)
  • Proven enhanced surface styling for great wet grip, even wear and good mileage
  • Full-depth pocket sipes at 50% of rib width minimise uneven wear and enhance water displacement for improved performance in the wet 


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