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How can our technology benefit your fleet?

Extend the life of your tyres with ContiPressureCheck™

Constant tyre pressure monitoring drives down overall operating costs:

Our ContiPressureCheck™ system constantly measures the pressure and temperature of all tyres on your vehicle - even when you are driving. This helps to save fuel and increase mileage. It also significantly reduces the risk of tyre failure, whilst maintaining the value of the casing, and thus the retreadability.

Thanks to our ContiPressureCheck™ system, you can now actively reduce operating costs while improving driver and vehicle safety.

Sensor in container:

All sensors are mounted on the tyre inner liner inside a rubber housing and continuously measure the tyre pressure and temperature. 

Additional reciever:

The additional receiver can be used to receive sensor signals in challenging radio frequency conditions.

Central control unit (CCU):

The CCU receives sensor signals directly or via the antenna, evaluates the data and provides the status of all tyres.

Monitoring display:

Fixed inside the cab, the display shows the tyre pressures and warns the driver in the event of pressure loss.

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