Our ContiRV20 Velocity has been developed by us for industrial high-speed and long-distance applications, such as airport ground service.

Technical Details

Rolling Resistance

  • Optimised rubber compound for low rolling resistance
  • Radial tyre construction ensures maximum efficiency in the transmission of drive force
  • Lower energy consumption cuts costs (a 10% difference in rolling resistance can cut costs by around 3%)
  • Excellent fuel economy, optimum battery life in electric vehicles, and reduced CO2

Tread Compound

  • Molecular tread compound grips the ground surface structure
  • Ribbed tread profile ensures that the tyre has permanent contact with the ground
  • This means shorter stopping distances on slippery or sloping surfaces, which in turn improves the safety of the driver and load


  • Ribbed tread pattern results in smooth road contact
  • Closed shoulder avoids tearing and eliminates heel and toe wear
  • The closed shoulder construction increases tyre mileage due to minimised irregular wear
  • Radial tyre construction provides optimum comfort

Further Information ContiRV20 Velocity

Industrial Comfort

  • Ribbed tread design to minimise vibration
  • Radial carcass to maximise comfort

Industrial Strength

  • Closed shoulder to avoid tread tearing
  • Reinforced sidewall for outstanding damage-resistance

Industrial Speed

  • Perfectly balanced tread depth to minimise heat build-up and maximise service life
  • Tread compound balanced to minimise rolling resistance while still maintaining maximum grip on airport ground surfaces

Thanks to its special compound and reduced tread depth, our ContiRV20 Velocity offers maximum all-round performance like no other tyre: Industrial Strength, Industrial Speed, and Industrial Comfort. This makes it ideal for applications in airports (ground handling) and the automotive industry. The ContiRV20 Velocity is also highly popular in the warehousing and logistics industry as well as for in-plant transportation and road cleaners.

ContiRV20 Industrial

Furthermore we offer the ContiRV20 Industrial for tougher applications.

With its circumferential ribs, this tyre ensures outstanding levels of comfort and smooth running as well as uniform wear. It also features a ribbed tread design for minimising vibrations and a radial carcass for maximising comfort. Moreover, the ContiRV20 is made from a special cut and chunk-resistant rubber compound, making it ideal for heavy-duty forklifts used in harsh environments.

All ContiRV20 dimensions can be mounted without tubes.

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