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Earthmover & construction tyres & solutions

Our leading digital tyre monitoring solutions take fleet efficiency to the next level, helping our customers transform their approach to tyre management, boosting tyre longevity whilst also bringing safety and service benefits too.

            Mike Leedham, OTR Sales Manager - UK & ROI

ContiEarth™ - We move the earth

Our earthmoving tyre ranges are specifically designed for application in the very harsh conditions of quarries and construction sites as well as surface and underground mines. Like all our tyres, these are manufactured and field tested to meet the highest levels of performance, safety and durability for every application, even in the most severe of conditions.

All our radial earthmover tyres are equipped with our intelligent tyre sensor that provides you with data in real time to ensure optimal tyre pressure and temperature, leading to improved fuel consumption and minimised risk of tyre failure.

Conti CrossTrac - Construction tyres

Our Conti CrossTrac tyre line has been designed using a combination of the latest truck tyre technology and our own long standing experience, knowing that the tyre needs to cater for a diverse range of requirements.

Conti CrossTrac tyres will meet all your on-road requirements delivering high mileage, smooth handling and reduced fuel consumption. With enhanced chip, chunk and cut resistance, these tyres prove to be real workhorses both in off-road applications and under severe conditions. 

Digital Solutions - Ready your fleet for the future

ContiConnect™ is our digital tyre monitoring platform for commercial fleets, now available in select markets worldwide. By digitalising your tyre monitoring activities with ContiConnect™, you can ensure increased uptime and lower maintenance costs as well as maximise your fuel savings.

Tyre sensors mounted onto the inner liner transmit tyre pressure and temperature data to a yard reader station and report the status to our web portal. You can also capture your tyre data with our hand-held tool and manually upload it to the web portal - this helps in case the vehicles do not return frequently to dedicated checkpoints or are not in range of the yard reader station. ContiConnect™ sends you customis​ed notifications enabling you to can address tyre pressure issues in real-time and avoid costly breakdowns.

ContiLifeCycle™ - The many lives of our truck tyres

Using our premium hot retreading service ContiRe™, you give new life to your worn Continental truck tyre and realise the full economic performance of the tyre. ContiRe™ production is compatible to how we manufacture our new tyres – using the same profiles and compound mixtures. Exclusively we use Continental casings, which are retreaded from bead to bead. This method also renews the sidewalls, and the tyres remain regroovable.

To ensure a premium finish, every tyre is put through durability and safety tests in adherence to a standardised quality system. Consequently, every ContiRe™ tyre is covered by our warranty. All this coupled with outstanding mileage makes our ContiRe™ the best choice of retreadable tyre.

Bandvulc - More than a tyre

Acquired by us in 2016, our shared innovation and understanding of fleet operations has been at the core of Bandvulc becoming Britain’s leading commercial tyre retreader. Our ethos has always been to produce the safest, most economical and environmentally friendly retread, tested and quality assured to deliver the best performance. We use bespoke compounds developed in-house for the sole use of our retreading operation.

Our range of on and off-road construction tyres includes specialist applications designed for excellent road handling, advanced mileage and tough grip tread designs. Built using an exclusively developed high polymer rubber compound, the range offers high levels of natural rubber for excellent tear and puncture resistance. Our WASTEMASTER and GRIPMASTER BIG tyre ranges also feature our pioneering ARMORBAND technology, creating added protection around the sidewall to offer an extra safety barrier against curbing.