Testimonials: People

JMB Travel, UK

“We have no doubts whatsoever about the conversion to Continental products, and as old tyres are run-off the coach fleet, we now happily fit the appropriate HA3s on them. We also run a number of double-deckers on schools’ contracts, and again, as the old tyres come off, we are looking to replace with Continental. From every angle – safety, performance, economy – we are sure we have made the right choice.”

Martin Bell, Director, JMB Travel

JMB Travel

Sieckendiek, Germany

"To make sure that our customers reach their destination safely and on schedule, the safety and quality of our bus fleet are of the utmost importance to us. This also includes premium tyres. The new Conti Coach tyres fulfill our demanding requirements: outstanding driving comfort, perfect handling and quiet running – all characteristics really appreciated by our customers."

Ingo Kehl, General Manager of Sieckendiek GmbH & Co. KG

JMB Travel

PVG Salzwedel, Germany

"Most of our passengers are school children, so safety is particularly important to us. Because minor roads and critical surfaces are often cleared of ice and snow later on in the day or not at all, winter tyres are absolutely indispensable. Our drivers confirm that the grip performance of HSW Scan tyres ensures a safe and pleasant driving experience in winter conditions." 

Verkehrs AG Freiburg, Germany

"We use winter tyres to ensure the safety of our passengers, drivers, and vehicles. On both dry and wet surfaces, the driving comfort provided by the winter tyres is no different than HSU1 tyres. In addition, we appreciate the increased braking and steering control."

Wricke Touristik, Germany

"Even before the changes to the road traffic regulations came into effect, we often switched to winter tyres for safety reasons. Thanks to the snowflake sign on the side panel of HDW Scandinavia tyres, this was noticed by passengers and we received positive comments from them."