Driven by passion and dedication, the farmer works in the field for as long as it takes to bring in the harvest. Likewise, our engineers go that extra mile so our tyres can support the farmer in all weather and on all terrain. They are miles ahead of standard tyres, integrating N.flex technology, innovative bead design and advanced d.fine lug technology. Longer-lasting tyres take dedicated farmers further.

Technical Details

Tyre efficiency in Premium Segment

The winner in the premium class is our TractorMaster. The tyre performs strongly in traction, fuel consumption and ground coverage.

  • Engine power transferred best under the test conditions
  • Best in category “Fuel consumption” under constant drive conditions
  • Second place in transport behaviour on road in combination with hill and falt sections at 38 mph (60 km/h)


  • High mileage due to 5% larger lug surface than standard tyres


  • Great impact resistance due to maximum elongation of nylon

Low soil compaction

  • High deflection performance of the sidewall


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