| Photographer: Shivraj Gohil| Event: Extreme E Testing October 2019| Location: Chateau De Lastours| Series: Extreme E| Country: France || Driver: Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky| Car: Odyssey 21|
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  • Automotive expertise
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    2022/07/07 Automotive expertise From autonomous driving to e-mobility to sustainability, discover how Continental goes beyond tires and helps shape the landscape for our future cars. Read more
  • German Engineering
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    2022/07/07 German Engineering German engineers are famous for diligence, precision and efficiency, the same values that stand behind Continental's past and present innovations. Read more
  • Original equipment
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    2022/07/07 Original equipment Continental develops the ideal tire for every third car made in Europe. With our Original Equipment, you're part of the world's largest safety community. Read more


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  • Women who run
    2022/28/07 Women who run Meet the women who have paved the way for female runners and those who are continuing to revolutionize the way we run today. Read more
  • 2022/29/07 Tour de France History From wild, booze-fueled races through the night to a global sporting phenomenon: find out how the Tour de France has changed since its early days. Read more
  • Conti Tuning Day 2019
    2022/01/08 Conti Tuning Day 2019 This Conti Tuning Day was dedicated to a rare breed of tuned cars. Custom SUVs from Germany’s best tuners, showing their power on a high-speed course. Read more

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