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Continental - the number one OE manufacturer in Europe

The professional partner of choice for the automotive industry

In Europe today, nearly every third car that rolls off the production line is fitted with Continental tyres, making us the number one original equipment manufacturer in Europe.

To us, this eminent position and the trust shown in our tyres by all the major premium manufacturers is the best proof of the recognised quality of our products. If the world’s top car manufacturers are willing to place their trust in us, so can you!

From customer to customer

It all begins with the customer – and their desire to find a tyre that perfectly suits their every requirement. And it ends with the customer – receiving exactly the tyre they are looking for, from us.

There are a number of steps in between. There is also a close coordination process: from performance specifications to initial hypotheses and simulations, from the specific material mix to the first prototypes and, of course, not to forget the extensive testing…

Safety first

For every car to be launched on the market, we work closely with our automotive industry customers to carefully plan the tyre down to the last detail. Requirements and requests may vary, but there’s one thing that always remains the same: safety first! There is nothing more important to us or to our customers than your safety. Thanks to the innovative ideas of our research and development team, and their several decades of experience, every Continental tyre is able to combine maximum safety with individual requirements and optimum ride comfort.

The basis of our mutual success

As regards original equipment tyres in particular, our research and development department maintains a close relationship with the customer. By taking on board the customer’s wishes from a very early stage and constantly striving to harmonise the customer’s requirements with development advances, we are able to perfectly optimise our product specifications based on the complete car system concerned. This is how we meet the highest demands – and set the standards.