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Harbour Tyres

Tyre solutions for the warehousing industry


The optimal answer for every requirement: Continental offers an extensive suite of tyres designed for warehousing operations.

Warehousing encompasses a wide variety of items from consumer goods to manufacturing supplies and almost every product in between.

With Just in Time (JIT) delivery the fork lift fleets and tyres are put under intense use with long runs, loaded and unloaded, as well as multi shift operations. The warehouse surfaces are generally well kept with finished, sealed, and sometimes painted floors that are kept clear of debris and garbage. However angle iron guides and dock plates are a continuous problem with tyres used in these operations. In conclusion non-marking (clean) tyres are often used in this application to keep the warehouse environment clean and simple to maintain. Continental's engineering features allow for reduced operating costs, through technologies such as lowered rolling resistance, ease of maintenance, durable tread compounds and tyre constructions and much more.

SC20 Energy+

The SC20 Energy+ offers exceptionally low rolling resistance and low heat buildup. This relates to extended tyre life and reduced cost per hour. (More hours in between changes and lower fuel consumption).

SC20 Clean and Barum Clean

Continental’s SC20 Clean offers non-marking performance in warehouse operations. The tyre, reinforced with silicates rather than carbon black will not leave black marks on the floor. The clean compound also offers low rolling resistance and low heat build up.

CSEasy SC20

The improved tyre construction of the SC20 Energy+ already provides an increase in mileage performance of up to 20%. The special design of the CSEasy can increase this by a further 20% to 40%. With CSEasy your vehicle’s energy consumption can be lowered by up to 12.8% due to its substantially reduced rolling resistance whilst the plastic adapter helps to limit the heat transference within the tyre and, therefore, heat buildup.

To watch the Continental tyres in action in the Warehousing Industry download the video of Conti SH12 Clean at BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH.