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Summer and Winter Tyres

When do you need summer tyres or winter tyres?

We strongly recommend using the appropriate tyre for each season. That means driving on summer tyres in the warmer time of the year and switching to winter tyres during the cold period. We believe all season tyres cannot provide adequate performance year-round in the UK.

Winter tyres are specifically designed to perform in all weather conditions when it is below 7oC, not just on snow.  We recommend that you drive on summer tyres between March and October and winter tyres from October to March.

When do you need summer tyres or winter tyres?

When do you need Summer Tyres?

During the warmer weather period (temperatures above 7°C) we strongly recommend to use summer tyres. Only summer tyres can guarantee a high grip levels on wet and dry roads through their special tread patterns and tread compounds.  Summer tyres also provide high driving stability on bends and optimum mileage performance at summer temperatures.

When do you need Winter Tyres?

As winter approaches, drivers should start planning for whatever the weather may throw at them. If you need convincing, just listen to the weather forecasters. They often predict that over winter there will be a mix of dry spells, rain, ice and sometimes snow. To cope with this mix of different road conditions, winter tyres are strongly recommended.

So, when winter is approaching and the thermometer reaches 7 °C – it’s time to give your summer tyres a rest. The roads will normally be cold, wet and slippery and winter tyres offer much better grip under these conditions than summer tyres.

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